7 brilliant lighting tips (from the pros)

Dimmed filaments with open cage pendants
The web has become flooded with lighting advice and lighting tips from sources ranging from the reputable to the rubbish. With all this information, it can be hard to wade through the waffle and find the lighting tips worth listening to. Well you're in luck! Our top 7 lighting tips from the pros saves you all that trawling.

Lighting Tips From the Pros

1) Dim down: “Keep different parts of a room at different brightness levels to prevent ‘lighting fatigue’. And remember the cheapest, quickest fix for great lighting at home? Changing all of your switches to dimmers.” Melanie Freundlich, Lighting Designer
Factorylux LED-filament with a warm output, as per lighting tips number 3 The Factorylux LED-filaments aim to replicate both the look and feel of traditional filaments.
2) The more the merrier: “I’ve got lamps everywhere on side tables, consoles, on central islands, on the floor, on benches on a pouf even. Everywhere and it’s beautiful. Oh and before anyone shouts are they all low energy the answer is no. I barely eat meat in the week and I cycle and compost so I’ve double counteracted!” Abigail Ahern, Interior Designer 3) The perfect, suits-all LED: “I’m all about the LEDs now. Our home is illuminated by warm-coloured LED bulbs, and they look like traditional incandescents, plus they’re made for all fixtures including recessed cans, table lamps, and sconces" Paloma Contreras, Designer and blogger 4) Slow down: “Take time to design your lighting scheme. Aside from colour schemes and large furniture items, lighting can make the biggest impact in a room.” Deborah Gordon founder of Ollie & Seb’s Haus 5) Nail the right lamp: “Lampshades should be dense with the light mainly cast downwards. When choosing a lampshade, try drawing the shape of it on paper with the lamp base before buying it or, if in doubt, buy a cheap paper shade that is the same size first to check the scale.” Douglas Mackie, Interior Designer
Copper 360mm shade focusing light downwards, as per lighting tips number 5 © Design a Space, Interior Designers. Laura Mitton Photography
6) On a budget? Save on shades to splurge on bulbs: “The bonus of buying inexpensive shades is that you can spend the money you have saved on more expensive light bulbs. Urban Cottage Industries is a great source for the squirrel-cage bulbs I like.” Rita Konig, Interior designer and Journalist Pear shape squirrel cage, filament lamps. Decorative bare bulbs as per lighting tips number 6 7) Not too bright: “Lighting should be about creating warm pools of gentle light – carefully placed around the room, where they are needed – and about avoiding dark corners.” Ben Pentreath, Architect and Interior Designer

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