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Information about the colour & finish of Factorylux lighting

It is both natural and inevitable for there to be differences in colour between a product photo and the actual product. Both science and art have long recognised that hues and texture change according to the light. The lighting for Factorylux product photography tries to mimic natural light in intensity and colour. However, the 'look' of products is influenced not only by how we light them, but also what you use to view them - screen type and settings affect how colours are rendered.

If the colour or finish of a product does not meet your expectations, you have 30 days to return the product for a full refund - see the returns policy. For more information about colours and finishes or for custom colour queries, please get in touch


Metal finishes

Factorylux products are spun, cast, milled or pressed from steel, brass, copper or aluminium. They feel solid and weighty - completely different from most modern light fixtures & fittings. Durability is not compromised by reducing raw material costs. The available finishes are:



Glass in a powder or liquid suspension is applied to steel and baked at 800 ºC. Like glass, vitreous enamel is cold and hard to the touch. It's also extremely durable - colour fast, heat resistant and does not degrade in sunlight. Enamel can chip or flake is subject to impacts, but treated with care, Factorylux enamelled shades will last forever. More information about the available enamel colours is below.








Powder coating differs from painting in that the finish is applied as a dry powder rather than as a liquid. A polymer powder is applied to hot metal or baked after application. It produces a smooth finish which is more durable than paint and more flexible than vitreous enamel. Factorylux single or multi-outlet ceiling roses are available in a range of beautiful powder coated colours. More information about the available powder colours is below.




Factorylux vintage brass fixtures and fittings are made from new brass which is given a dark patina. Vintage brass looks like brass from the 1950s: dulled by 60-odd years, but with a hint of the original shine. The vintage brass range includes lamp holders, ceiling roses and wall lights.

Factorylux antique bronze fixtures and fittings have a deep patina of age. They are very dark and almost - but definitely not - black. The oxidation is more thorough than for vintage brass and it's necessary to score the surface or polish vigorously to reveal the shiny brass beneath. The vintage brass range includes lamp holders, ceiling roses and wall lights.

The Factorylux retro silver finish is created by electroplating brass with nickel and the final finish depends on the shape and form of the object which has been plated. Very flat objects are more mirrored than irregular objects. Overall the effect is chunky silver - somewhere between chrome and brushed stainless steel. The silver collection includes includes lamp shades, ceiling roses and wall lights.

The Factorylux gold range is created in stages, first by electroplating the products with nickel before finally plating with nine carat gold. Nine carat gold which is 37.5% pure is used because it gives a bright 'new' gold finish and is both resistant to tarnishing and durable. The gold collection includes includes lamp shades, ceiling roses and lamp holders.


Factorylux copper lamp shades are made from pure solid copper with the characteristic bright metallic orange-red colour. The interior of the copper shades have a satin finish to prevent glare. Two of the Factorylux shades are available in copper: the Industrial 360mm copper shade and the Kitchen 190mm copper shade.







The starting point for Factorylux verdigris lamp shades is pure copper and then accelerating the natural processes which produce the green copper carbonate patina. Verdigris is naturally uneven with darker and lighter areas. It's not a suitable finish where there's physical contact with the shade because verdigris can stain clothing and dirt and grease can affect the verdigris. The interior of the verdigris have a satin copper finish to prevent glare. 

Verdigris lamp shades have now been discontinued, but may occasionally pop up in our Worn Lighting section.







The galvanised Factorylux lighting products are made from steel which has a protective zinc coating. A special galvanising technique, spin or centrifuge galvanising, is used for many of the products to produce a beautifully matt silver-grey finish. The process is used for the lamp shades, cages, and socket and switch face plates. The other galvanised products such as conduit boxes and tube have a more burnished finish. Galvanised products naturally vary in colour and texture - each product has a unique patina. The zinc coating is stable and protective, but it will darken with age. 

Galvanised shades have been superseded by Stone Rumbled aluminium shades, for superior consistency, reduced waste and unrivalled Circular Economy credentials.





Raw steel has an uneven silvery grey patina. Because no coating or finish is applied, the manufacturing processes - such as welding or grinding - are visible. Left unprotected, steel darkens and rusts with age, processes that are accelerated by damp environments. 







The most uncompromisingly industrial Factorylux finish is achieved by a process of dipping and drying raw steel fittings. It's standard rust - the familiar orange-brown powdery iron oxide. The patina is reasonably uniform and stable but can be rubbed off easily to expose the raw steel underneath. 






Factorylux uses the RAL Classic system for all colours. The RAL codes for standard colours are listed below.


Gloss Black: 9004 | Graphite Black
Red: 3002 | Carmine Red
Matt Black: 9190 | Signal Black
White: 9016 | Traffic White
Green: 6017 | Leaf Green
Grey: 7012 | Basalt Grey

Red: 3020 | Bright Red
Yellow: 1016 | Sulphur Yellow
Blue: 5005 | Signal Blue
Green: 6018 | Yellow Green
Black: 9011 | Jet Black
White: 9016 | Traffic White

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