Why We Love Wire Cage Pendant Lighting

Why We Love Wire Cage Pendant Lighting
It seems clear, industrial lighting is here to stay. At some point, the style crossed over from niche to near universal. As one of the first fixtures to bridge the gap, wire cage pendant lighting has gone global with iterations spanning the contemporary to the radically rustic. For our part, here’s why we love Wire Cage Pendant Lighting...


A cage pendant offers something uniquely unconventional and instantly eye-catching. This arresting appearance makes a wire cage pendant an ideal feature lighting fixture. As popularity has grown, so has choice. With so many designs and options, you can guarantee there will be a style to suit your space. Wire Cage pendant lighting - Gold Balloon Cage up close

Intricate industrial

The design of something like our large balloon cage embraces the manufacturing process. The welds and joins are part of the design and provide something both delicate and overtly functional. The finished article wears both aspects and blends them into something intricately industrial. Our cages are all hand jigged and welded in the UK from high grade steel to ensure quality and endurance. Wire cage pendant lighting - Open Cage Intricate Design up close

Slim Shady

Before you lose yourself in the design, wire cage pendants are also functional. The slim bars work to gently diffuse output from the fixture, reducing glare and creating some sumptuous shadowplay in the process. Wire cage pendant lighting - Shadows cast from yellow balloon cage

Fit in a Flash

Unlike certain shades, most cages are retrofit. This makes them quick to install and even quicker to add to an existing pendant. Undo the bolts, ease over the holder and pop the bolts back in…it’s that easy. Grab a seat and admire your handy work, gloat to friends and proclaim yourself 'lord of lighting. Wire cage pendant lighting - Long Tube Cage


So we love the visual impact of wire cage pendant lighting, but we also love how compact it is. All that industrial flair is packed into a fixture half the diameter of your average shade (or go for our small cage for even greater impact economy). So small spaces can still get the big centerpiece treatment. Or, for larger spaces, wire cage pendants can be hung in sublime series with ease. Wire cage pendant lighting - Small balloon cage So there you have it, wire cage pendant lighting encapsulates everything we love about industrial style. It’s no surprise that the cage has captured the imagination and hit the big time.

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