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We’re an online retailer of Factorylux lighting + Prelogram notebooks, we’re aimed at consumers but have been equally embraced by trade and wholesale customers (for who we offer volume discounts and payment terms). We specialise in high quality and configurable products that are made in the UK and delivered more quickly than you’d think possible. Our lighting can be individually created to match each customers own unique requirements and tastes, which reduces the challenge of creating beautiful spaces.


Our website is carefully optimised for web and mobile, our photography is high quality, the product descriptions are clear and detailed, checkout is simple and intuitive. Our social media channels are vibrant and focussed on inspiration. We offer ‘next-day’ delivery and simple returns. Customer support is fast, smart and instantly available via phone, email, chat, Facebook, FaceTime, instagram or Twitter.



Factorylux is a UK lighting manufacturer with a reputation for design innovation, build quality and 100% compliance to UK and international standards. Our short supply chain affords professional designers, engineers and architects a high degree of configurability and design flexibility, even on smaller orders. Our factory is a 1700m² agile manufacturing space that we created ourselves from a redundant former trouser factory near Hebden Bridge, Yorkshire. Key functions and processes are vertically integrated and our team of skilled technicians deliver superb levels of product consistency and reliability. Lighting orders are typically manufactured in days, not weeks. Each luminaire we manufacture is marked with it’s own individual serial code, with online traceability back to individual day / date / time and technician. We own and operate our own goniophotometer within our own factory - photometry data for new, obscure or one-off combinations and modifications that previously took days (or even weeks) to acquire can now be measured and shared with designers in just a few hours. We work with distribution partners around the world to guarantee efficient support for international projects.


Prelogram’s personalised, branded and customised notebooks are timeless, tactile and inimitable by modern techniques and equipment. Our superb online configurators are highly regarded by busy professionals who require fast service and instant mock-ups of notebook customisation. In 2010 we rescued and secured a new future for the UK's largest collection of 19th and early 20th century typesetting machinery. Working collaboratively with art, entertainment and media brands, our processes blur the line between digital and analogue. Prelogram’s craft print notebooks are the perfect accessory for creative people with aspirations for authenticity and provenance.

Holding Company


Urban Cottage Industries Ltd is a well established UK registered company that's co-owned by it’s employees (HMRC accredited EMI + Employee Ownership Association member) and was one of the first accredited Living Wage employers in the UK. All shareholders, directors and employees are resident in the UK for corporation, income and capital gains tax. We trace our origins back to 2005 when out founders pioneered the industrial lighting aesthetic with light fittings salvaged from a mill in the West Riding of Yorkshire. In 2007 we began trading as ‘The Historic Lighting Company’ and quickly grew to become one of the UK’s largest suppliers of high quality, traditional lighting components. We incorporated in 2010 as Urban Cottage Industries Ltd. and built a unique multi-purpose manufacturing space in a redundant former trouser factory. We became expert at the design and implementation of LED technology and this pioneering approach brought global attention and a growing network of international distribution partners. For more information or to visit the Old Trouser Factory, email hello@urbancottageindustries.com.


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