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steampunk lighting
Like the genre that inspired it, Steampunk lighting is tough to define. For our part, we designed the Maria Steampunk as a statement chandelier with a vintage functional aesthetic. Coined in the late 80’s to put a name to a rising science fiction sub-genre, Steampunk was retrospectively applied to works of fiction from the 50’s and 60’s. H.G. Wells and Jules Verne have been seen as early pioneers of the genre, which has since spawned a plethora of derivations, sub-cultures and styles. Despite a breadth of tropes, Steampunk typically encompasses several recurring themes. A mixture of Victorian fashion and technologies merged with alternative histories and future-retro juxtaposition. As the steampunk sub-culture grew, so too did its influence. Film, videogames and even mainstream fashion began drawing influence from this visually arresting movement.

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Steampunk Lighting

Before long, Steampunk design found its way into the home. Lighting designers and manufacturers sought to incorporate some of the archetypal components. Steampunk lighting grew into a culture of its own, with DIY designs becoming widespread. These designs typically follow a standard formula. They tap into steampunk's at once simple, and yet over-engineered, tech styling. Typically, materials are chunky, functional and with little adornment. However, they often feature a complex series of embelishments such as dials, valves or pistons. We wanted the Maria Steampunk chandelier range to employ a more moderate style. Whilst still maintaining the simplicity of design, the Maria Steampunk carries more muted embellishment in the form of adjustable joints. We also offer a rusted cage Maria Steampunk which draws on another facet of the popular lore, post-apocalypse. Steampunk Lighting Each Maria Steampunk design lends itself to accent or general lighting in a given space, offering practical illumination as well as statement design. Steampunk culture continues to grow and spawn sub-genres and fresh interpretations. As the style expands, we’re likely to see more mainstream adoptions of its distinctive design and style.

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