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TUBULAR-CELLS is a modular 'bolt together' lighting system we developed for professional designers who wanted to specify unique, striking feature lights - without the cost and drama of commissioning a fully bespoke creation.

It was moderately successful - especially for receptions! - but we discontinued the range when we exited the decorative lighting market. Some of what we learned can be seen today in the popular Factorylux TRACK-PIPE® system

This listing is for the entire remaining stock of the mechanical (not electrical) components for TUBULAR-CELLS - literally hundreds of mild steel tubes and connectors, in bright zinc plated and raw states, that simply bolt together to create any form you can imagine.

We can also supply the CAD files for each component. No idea who might be interested in this listing, but circular economy is who we are so we're making it available here incase someone wants to give the system a second life :-)

The entire collection can be shipped as a single palletised load but the price does not include shipping, which will be quoted at cost against the shipping address.



Returns on this product are not covered by our full returns policy. Please see Policy for details or FAQ for a summary.

WORN LIGHTING graded 'A', 'B' or 'C'. Photos for example only. Item supplied will vary depending on grade chosen:

A - 'Very nearly perfect'. Some people can't see the flaw(s) but we can and that's why they're here.

B - 'A close look reveals one or more imperfections'. Lighting is generally viewed at a distance. Once installed, it's not likley these flaws will be noticed.

C - 'Significant imperfections'. Nobody could fail to see the major flaw(s).

If you appreciate wear, inconsistencies, scars and a story to tell, maybe Worn Lighting is for you. All grades are sold as picked - sometimes even a little grubby, get in touch if need advice on cleaning a specific finish :-)

What Is Worn Lighting?

We're a UK lighting manufacturer who take sustainability seriously. For more than a decade, Circular Economy has been a fundamental principle of our design, manuacturing and commerce.

  • End-Of-Life Buy Back

The products we manufacture are quality enough that we'll buy them back when no longer required (for credit against a future purchase) and make them available again. Check the blog or contact us for details.

  • Manufacturing Seconds

We take all the lighting in our factory that doesn't meet our strict quality standards and - instead of trashing it - make it available here in this 'Worn Lighting' area of our website.

Some of the engineering and manufacturing processes we use - such as vitreous enamelling - create a low but unavoidable level of QC (quality control) failures.

  • Customer Returns

We operate a generous returns policy. It's sad when things don't work out but we've built a following of customers are as obsessed about details as we are.

  • Samples + One Offs

For too many reasons to list here, we generate a quantity of non-standard versions. Sometimes for a one-off event, a photograph or just to prototype an idea.

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