Lighting Inspiration for Small Hallways

A hallway scene
The hallway is one of those strange spaces: crucially important and yet pathologically overlooked. When you consider it's the first area that visitors see, the hallway is your first opportunity to create a good impression and express your style. As such, it's key to decorate and light your hallway effectively to create a welcoming and inviting space. The above extends to even the most tiny of hallways. If anything, the importance is magnified. With such a small space, it can be difficult to cram in all your creativity and make the best use of the space. Fear not, we've compiled some top small hallway lighting ideas to help you maximise the miniscule and create a heavenly hallway.

The Problem

Natural light can be hard to come by in my small hallway. With a lack of space and few windows, the hallway feels dark and even smaller as a result

The Solution

Add some mirrors, choose a style and then run with it. Add a variety of shapes and sizes and make a feature of them.
Lighting Inspiration for Small Hallways © Tim Evan Cook - Serlin Associates
Not only will these make an eye-catching display, they will help to bounce the minimal light around. Also, a quick look in the mirror before leaving can avoid those embarrassing toothpaste on the side of your face incidents…never happened to me.

The Lighting

With the bold mirror feature, you'll want to keep lighting fairly subtle. Some simple sconces will tie everything together while providing ample output. With a minimal projection and adjustable arm, sconces remain one of the best small hallway lighting ideas.Lighting Inspiration for Small Hallways

The Problem

With such a small amount of space, I'm finding it tough to inject any personality

The Solution

Artwork can be a great way to express your taste and personality straight away. Either add a series of pieces or go bold with a single over-size print.
Lighting Inspiration for Small Hallways Courtesy of @e_x_p_l_i_c_i_t
The temptation with small hallways is to avoid bulky objects. Embrace the over-size and you'll notice how much larger the space begins to feel.

The Lighting

Artwork and lighting can forge a great partnership. Downlight or uplight, depending on personal preference. Something like our Maria Banjo will cast a directed pool of light downwards to emphasise your artwork and provide some general lighting for the hallway. Or, a Scorsese provides a directional spotlight making it a flexible uplight or downlight depending on orientation. Lighting Inspiration for Small Hallways

The Problem

With such limited space, my hallway ends up looking like a dumping ground. Everything from boots, coats and scarves pile up and make my small hallway look like a small tip

The Solution

Introduce some clever open storage. Instead of trying to hide everything away behind doors and drawers, make a feature of the functional. Furthermore, open accessible storage like this puts guests at ease as they can instantly see where they can offload their coat/hat/gloves.

The Lighting

A Maria Banjo Wall Light with Cage makes a great statement piece for the hallway storage. Industrial, functional and the perfect match for a heart on its sleeve storage space.Lighting Inspiration for Small Hallways So, with our small hallway lighting ideas under your belt, head off and revolutionise that hallway space!

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