5 Dining Room Ideas for Small Spaces

Small dining room with overhead bare bulb pendants
A dining room, no matter the size, can be a key social space within the home. Whether you’re throwing elaborate dinner soirées or just catching up with the family, it’s important to make the dining room work for you. As the average square footage shrinks, it’s vital to make the most of all the space you have. Follow our top tips and maximize your dining space.

Top Tips to Maximise a Small Dining Room

Consider Scale…

If you’re working with a smaller space, don’t try to fill it with oversize fixtures. Consider scaling down both furniture and décor. Dining room ideas for small spacesA small pendant can add some much-needed accent lighting to the dining table. Where a permanent fixture isn’t ideal, if your table is transient for instance, choose a plug-in option. Consider a high shine metallic shade, perfect for reflecting light and raising the profile of the space.

…And Shape

Dining room ideas for small spaces courtesy of @ellen_wilhelmina
When it comes to the dining table itself, shape and scale will be equally important. As above, there’s no point trying to jam an expansive banquet table into a modestly proportioned room. Instead, try to choose a size that will work. In addition, consider the shape of the table. A round table can be an elegant solution where space is at a premium but is, by no means, universally ideal. Therefore, it's crucial to look for a shape that maximizes your specific needs. For the DIY Savvy, there is always the option to go bespoke. Upcycle, modify or start from scratch and cater to your exact requirements.

Space Saving Seating

Dining room ideas for small spaces Interior designer Thomas Lingsell | Photographer Emily Laye
Armless chairs are always the way to go when kitting out a smaller dining room. Being able to tuck your chairs away allows the space to flow better when the table is not in use. Better yet, employ a bench where possible, allowing you to neatly store seating when it is not required.

Make use of the Multi-Function

With space at a premium, it’s helpful to choose furniture that carries multiple functions. It’s unlikely you’ll be able to indulge a dining table that offers nothing further to the room. Ideally, you’ll be able to incorporate handy storage or retrofit the table into an existing system. Failing that, the table needs to offer a space for more activities than eating alone. Dining room ideas for small spacesAdding storage allows you to tidy dining accoutrement when not in use, allowing you to utilize the table as a study space, reading nook or homework HQ.

Fear not, Foldaway

For those thinking, ‘hey, I don’t even have space for a table at all’ think again. Our Scandinavian friends have solved this small space spore point with a handy foldaway table.
Dining room ideas for small spaces © Emma Fiala
Available in several sizes, the table attaches directly to the mounting surface, offering a dining area to the space poor and a handy shelf when not in use. Scale, shape and multi-function, the small space hat trick.

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