5 Best Dining Room Ideas on a Budget

5 Best Dining Room Ideas on a Budget
With a potential spring dining room spruce on the horizon, you may have big plans but a tight budget. However, there’s no need for nervous glances at your bank balance, there are lots of ways to revamp your space without splashing the cash. Here are some of the best budget-friendly dining room fix-ups.

5 Best Dining Room Ideas on a Budget

Add a Splash of Colour

Sometimes a lick of paint can be all you need to transform the dining room from drab to delightful. Consider the size of the space when choosing which shade to go for, big colour usually needs a big space. Also, don’t limit your attention to the walls, furniture can also receive a huge lift from a splash of paint.
dining room ideas on a budget Courtesy of @leslieshewring

See the Light

Lighting can play a huge role in the look and feel of a space. If your budget will only stretch to one big change, adding some feature lighting can provide a lift to the entire dining room. Consider updating existing fixtures with either new lamps or shades, great where the budget won't stretch to a full replacement. Bold lamps will distract the eye from tired fixtures and updating your shade(s) can change the way the light is directed and utilised.dining room ideas on a budget

Small Change Adds Up

Instead of blowing your wad on one big change, use your budget to make a host of small alterations to the dining room décor.Small additions such as rugs, mirrors and cushions can come together to create a significant change in flow and feel.
dining room ideas on a budget Courtesy of @_dailydelights

Dress it Before you Ditch it

If you’re dining table is looking a little dated, consider dressing it before replacing. Add a tablecloth to cover the tired surface or, if you fancy being a little more hands-on, upcycle your old dining table. Strip, paint or stain to achieve your desired finish and voila, the table of your dreams at a fraction of the cost.
dining room ideas on a budget Courtesy of @daniellekellyart

Move it or Lose it

For the full-on frugal, this final option will be music to your ears. Buy nothing. Try re-arranging your existing setup, move your furniture out and re-style from scratch. You will be amazed at the difference this can make at zero cost, making it one of the ultimate dining room ideas on a budget. Sometimes, it’s the flow of a room that has become stale or is simply suboptimal. Starting again gives you the opportunity to consider each piece and its ideal location.
dining room ideas on a budget Courtesy of @fwmadebycarli

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