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Mondo*arc cards ready to be guillotined
-- If you subscribe to mondo*arc or darc magazine, hang on to the postcards; we're busy scheming a way to exploit the individually numbered cards - no two have the same number -- Factorylux is teaming up with Light Collective to create a series of ten postcard inserts for mondo*arc and darc, the international magazines for designers with light. The theme of the Light Collective curated collection is 'Natural Light in Architecture' and they're being distributed free with the next ten issues of mondo*arc and darc. Mondo*arc cards on press for numberingLight Collective aka Sharon Stammers and Martin Lupton are a UK Lighting Consultancy with a global portfolio. They divide their time between lighting for architecture and lighting to inspire and engage people. They design, they teach, they promote and they innovate and generally like to cause trouble... We have known Sharon since she helped spread the word for our original roof terrace launch among the professional lighting design community (it went with a bang) and we're honoured that she and Martin stepped up to this mini-project. The first of the Mondo*arc cards is an image of the central atrium of the Frank Lloyd Wright designed Guggenheim museum in New York. The original image was taken by G E Kidder-Smith (1913 - 1997), the architectural writer and photographer and looks up the edge of the ramp gallery which spirals to the skylight or oculus. Wright designed the museum as an open and airy space where visitors descend the spiral enjoying the art without having to retrace their steps. The Guggenheim was completed in 1959 and is one of the 20th centuries great architectural landmarks. The Mondo*arc cards are made by Urban Cottage Industries' Prelogram print operation. They are craft printed - pressed, embossed and individually numbered - in the UK. The first card is in Pantone 032 Red and the collection will use a range of colours. Prelogram's print output is created using analogue presses which have been running since the 1950s. The cards are textured and tactile - characteristics unachievable using modern digital techniques. Front and rear of Mondo*arc cards with ink Pantone 032 Red for the mondo*arc cards Mondo*arc cards on press being guillotined Mondo*arc cards on guillotine Mondo*arc cards coming off the press Mondo*arc cards on press for embossing

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