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Modular Lighting

Lamps, light fittings and lighting accessories from the original Historic Lighting Company. Safety and quality are guaranteed by a vertically integrated approach to design, manufacture, testing and distribution. Unrivalled quality is backed by impeccable customer support.

Factorylux vintage and industrial lighting is the first choice for high profile projects in retail, commerce and the arts but equally accessible to creative people buying for their homes. The Factorylux collection of interchangeable lighting components starts with limitless creativity and ends with unique and durable lighting.

  • Vintage Lampshades

    Vintage Shades

  • Filament Lamp

    Light Bulbs

  • Wire Bulb Guard

    Bulbs Guards & Cages

  • Fabric Cable

    Fabric Cable

  • Galvanised Conduit

    Galvanised Conduit

  • Ceiling Roses

    Ceiling Roses

  • Vintage Lamp Holders

    Bulb Holders

  • Lighting Chain and Hook

    Lighting Accessories