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Setting type for Moleskines
Prelogram personalised notebooks are created by hot-debossing genuine Moleskines and Leuchtturms with a line of type which is cast from molten metal. The type is cast on some of the world's last operational Linotype mechanical linecasting machines. The two minute film (30 second version here) shows the operation of the typesetting machine and a notebook being hand debossed (the reverse of embossing) and wrapped. The process starts with customers entering text online and placing their order. When the order comes through it is passed to one of our Linotype operators. The operator keys in the text on the Linotype keyboard and, for each character, the machine releases a brass matrix from a chute. Each matrix has the reverse of a character - a letter, number or punctuation symbol - engraved on it. The matrices line up next to each other in the assembler unit. When a line of text is complete, a lever is pushed and the line of type is sent to the casting section. Molten type metal is forced against the matrices and when the injected metal cools it forms a 'slug' of type which bears the raised reversed image of the line of text. The slug of type is ejected into a tray and the matrices are returned back to be used again. Each character matrix has a unique pattern of notches which send it to the right chute. The line of type bearing the text which was entered online is fixed in a chase and loaded onto a heated press. The notebook is placed into the press and the impression created - part of the skill of the operator is judging how much force is required based on the number and density of the characters. When the personalised notebooks have been created, they are wrapped wrapped in traditional brown kraft paper for shipping. The paper is both stylish - the notebooks are popular gifts - and also highly effective at protecting the notebook in the post. personalised-notebooks In addition to being personalised with a line of text, a similar process can be used to deboss logos, brands or other designs on the cover of notebooks. The personalised notebook range is here. Or get in touch - for more information and pricing on personalised notebooks featuring logos or other artwork. branded notebooks brown paper wrapped notebooks

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