Lighting tips to transform your living room

Lighting tips to transform your living room
Lighting for your living room is one of the most important lighting decisions you'll make for your home. After all, it's where you escape to at the end of the day and where you want to feel most comfortable. Here's some living room lighting tips to get it right first time.
Living room Lighting Tips - Light in levels Lighting in levels - Ceiling - Wall - Table/Floor

Do - Create Levels of Lighting

While a ceiling light is likely to form the focus of your scheme, don’t overlook the rest of the space. Think vertically and split the room into 3 levels, then consider how best to light each layer. By planning like this, you avoid daunting yourself with a daunting space. Think in layers and tackle one at a time.

Don’t - Over-light

Whilst you should try and light the three levels of the room, don’t fall into the trap of overlighting. Provided each level is represented, don’t feel you have to overload in any one area. Overlighting can ruin the entire look by stripping the space of its natural feel and creating an imbalance

Do - Consider the Function

As with most rooms, different areas will have different functions so it’s important to cater directly to these. For example, a low output decorative lamp probably won’t be the best fit for the reading corner. Conversely, a glaring spotlight won’t be great right in front of the telly. By considering the type of light you need to perform a given function, you can ensure a scheme that not only looks great but also works for you.

Don’t - Fear the Over-size

If you’ve decided to plump for a show-stopping central fixture, go all out. These fixtures, if chosen correctly, can perform a number of functions. General lighting, accent lighting and jaw-dropping design feature all in one. When it comes to the statement feature, go big or go home.

Do - Plan Around a Central Feature

So now that you’ve chosen the ultimate in show-stopping central lighting fixtures, be sure to plan the rest of the scheme around it. You might choose more reserved lighting at lower levels to balance the space. Also, position furniture around the central feature light, make sure it takes centre stage. So, now you've read our living room lighting tips, you're ready to create a balanced, big on features, levelled lighting lounge.

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