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Light Collective party | Factorylux + Xicato | CDW 2015

Light Collective party | Factorylux + Xicato | CDW 2015
We thought we'd post about the Light Collective party while it's still fresh in our minds and our hands are still sore from the muddling of limes and mint under the tutelage of our tough bar manager Sophie from Factorylux. Having a party to celebrate the end of a series of postcard magazine inserts is an unusual premise, so it's good to report that the Light Collective - Factorylux - Natural Light in Architecture (NLIA) event was a raging success. Light Collective party 1 Light Collective party 24 Light Collective party 10 The takeover of the legendary Look Mum No Hands on Old Street was complete by 6pm day on Wednesday 20 May - day two of Clerkenwell Design Week 2015. The guest list was made up of lighting designers from practices large and small. We sadly had to turn away most of the non-lighting design fraternity who were angling to get through the gates - although we know for sure that some managed to sneak in. Light Collective party 6 Light Collective party 9 Light Collective party 8 All the Natural Light in Architecture mondo*arc/darc postcards were available during the night for those with gaps in their collection and the large prints were hung on the walls at Look Mum No Hands. For NLIA card fans, the final - special - postcard comes with the next issue of mondo*arc. The final image was chosen from suggestions made by readers of mondo*arc and darc. Limited edition NLIA wall prints will be available online soon for those that missed out on the Indiegogo campaign which funded the scaling up of the very best NLIA postcard images. Natural Light in Architecture postcards Light Collective party 2 Light Collective party 11 Prelogram, sister brand to Factorylux and printers of the NLIA cards and prints, installed one of its amazing hot metal linotype mechanical typesetting machines for the party. The incredible machine attracted the attention of everyone at the party - including the dustmen at the end of the evening who came in for a look (and left with gourmet hotdogs!). The new Factorylux Xicato lighting prototypes were installed at Look Mum No Hands for the party: the first commercial installation of Xicato LED modules in some of the Factorylux range of cage and pendant light fittings. The Factorylux Juggernaut - a sculpture featuring over 1,000 Factorylux products - was also on show. Light Collective party 4 Light Collective party 5 Light Collective party 12 And for one night only Light Collective became the Mojito Collective serving 400-plus mojitos to 150 lighting designers. The rain stayed off and we only closed the bar when the rum ran out. Thanks to everyone who came for making the evening so enjoyable. Best quote about the night goes to Ingo Kalecinski from DPA Lighting: - "If me waking up on the last tube train apparently 30 minutes after it arrived at the end of the Central Line Zone 6 West Ruislip is anything to go by, then you guys did a fantastic job last night!!! Obviously my plan to sheepishly sneak out on you all to catch an ‘early night’ backfired big time..." Light Collective party mojitosAnd for those of you that asked, Sophie's recipe for the perfect mojito is: TAKE a highball glass and add: - 3/8ths of a lime - a few sprigs of mint, stripped of any woody material - one rounded teaspoon of soft brown sugar - Fairtrade if possible MUDDLE with a suitable implement (end of a rolling pin?) until the mint is is crushed and the sugar dissolved - fill to the top with crushed ice - pour over a double shot (50ml) of white rum - top up with soda water INSERT a straw and give it a twirl. THEN enjoy :-) Light Collective party 22 Light Collective party 14 Light Collective party 7 Light Collective party 13 Light Collective party 16 Light Collective party 17 Light Collective party 18 Light Collective party 19 Light Collective party 20

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