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Factorylux + Xicato | Exceptional Performance Lighting

Factorylux + Xicato | Exceptional Performance Lighting
World leading bespoke lighting is soon to be available with world beating LED technology. Prototypes of Factorylux light fittings using Xicato LED modules were installed in May 2015 at the iconic Look Mum No Hands cycling cafe/workshop on Old Street in EC1. Factorylux Xicato products will start to be available online from July 2015. Factorylux Xicato industrial lighting8Xicato creates high performance LED modules and is a world leader in LED lighting technology. It's based in Silicon Valley close to Google and Apple. Xicato doesn't make complete light fittings, only LED light sources for installation in light fittings. And Xicato's colour corrected cold phosphor LEDs have exceptional characteristics:
  • modules with light output from 400 to 5,000 lumens
  • up to 130+ lumens per watt
  • 50,000 hour life - an incredible 14 years at 10 hours per day
  • colour temperatures from 2,700K to 4,000K
  • colour render ≥95 CRI
  • dimming down to 1% of maximum brightness
  • excellent colour consistency, within 1 x 2 MacAdam Ellipses
  • ingress protection ratings of up to IP66
Factoryux Xicato Look Mum No Hands Factorylux Xicato industrial lighting12 Factoryux Xicato pendant lights2 In addition to the performance, Xicato modules use anodised aluminium and ceramic enclosures and bases which fit perfectly in with the Factorylux industrial aesthetic of raw, rusted, galvanised and stainless steel; raw and verdigris copper; polished, oxidised and nickel plated brass; and genuine vitreous enamel. The Xicato modules are the perfect fit with the Factorylux finishes. Factorylux Xicato industrial lighting5 Factoryux Xicato pendant lights Factorylux Xicato industrial lighting10 Human beings are sophisticated things. We notice bad lighting and it affects our mood, comfort and emotional responses. Good lighting helps make us happy, relaxed and sociable. It's been clear for several years that solid state technology will one day be a principal light source: the economic and environmental case is unanswerable. It's a question of dedicating the intellectual and financial resources to create LEDs which meet the needs of human beings. Factorylux Xicato represents the future of lighting - it's the opportunity for everyone to experience and benefit from high performance LED lighting. Factorylux Xicato industrial lighting11 UPDATE: this post originally referred to Thomas Edison's work on electric light having taken place at Menlo Park close to where Xicato is based. In fact, Edison's work on electric light took place in Menlo Park, New Jersey, which is around 2,500 miles as the crow flies from Menlo Park, California.

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