LED Filament Light Bulbs Energy Saving | New Shapes

LED Filament Light Bulbs Energy Saving | New Shapes

The range of Factorylux LED filament bulbs has been expanded to include new bulb shapes and improved in terms of aesthetic and technical performance.

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LED filament bulbs pear shape Tungsten Filament Pear (left) and LED Filament Pear (right)

An Expanded Collection

The collection originally consisted of large globe and pear shaped bulbs. The range has been extended to include three new bulb shapes/styles: the Long Tube, Classic Edison and Short Tube. And all the LED Filament Bulbs are now available in both standard screw and standard bayonet (B22 or BC) fittings.
LED filament bulbs long tube LED Filament Long Tube (top) and Tungsten Filament Long Tube (bottom)
The LED Filaments have also been improved. The Large Globe and Pear are now longer to closely mimic the classic squirrel cage tungsten filament. Also, the longer filaments reduce glare and the light output has been reduced to 300 lumen - approximately the same as a conventional 50W incandescent. Because less light is produced over a longer filament, the bulbs are - in keeping with their decorative use - more comfortable to look at. As before, the LED Filament Bulbs are dimmable with a conventional dimmer.

Impressive Performance

The warm and relaxing colour temperature of 2,200K - very warm white - and high colour render CRI >90 have been maintained. The bulbs energy saving are still A+ rated for energy consumption and the rated life has been increased to 25,000 hours, or over 10 years when used for six hours per day. The reducing cost of manufacturing the LED Filaments means the price of the bulbs has dropped to match their traditional filament equivalents.
LED filament bulbs large globe LED Filament Large Globe (left) and Tungsten Filament Large Globe (right)

Light Bulbs Energy Saving

So, the reduced cost and longer life make the light bulbs energy saving on an impressive scale. Taking account of the purchase price and the average UK domestic electricity cost (30 pence per kWH), it costs just 0.21 pence per hour to run the Factorylux LED Filament Pear Light Bulb or £3 per year based on a generous four hours per day of use.

Factorylux LED Filament Bulbs

LED filament bulbs Edison Tungsten Filament Edison (left) and LED Filament Edison (right)

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