Laid Back Farmhouse - Lighting the Perfect Extension

Laid Back Farmhouse - Lighting the Perfect Extension
An extension offers a great opportunity to create a truly bespoke space catered to your exact requirements. Nat recently finished work on her laid back farmhouse extension in West Sussex and was kind enough to share some images with us. Laid back Farmhouse By using subtle earthy tones, she has created a laid back farmhouse retreat awash with relaxing touches. Maintaining a consistent theme throughout, the room has a palpable flow and ambience. The Maria Scorsese has been used as a focal sconce, drawing the eye to a feature wall and accompanying artwork. Maria Scorsese By utilising both an elbow and ball and socket joint for positioning, the Scorsese offers a versatile accentuating solution. Given the airiness of the space, tertiary lighting has been kept to a minimum making the Scorsese the standalone wall lighting addition. Large windows on either side coupled with skylights mean the extension is simply flooded with natural light. The central lighting is composed of two contrasting pendant solutions. The Factorylux galvanised disc shade is employed to great effect with a robust lighting chain and hooked rose. In addition, the design of the disc shade produces an ultra wide beam angle perfect for spreading light over a large area. Finally, the disc has been contrasted with a more directed factory style pendant. The white enamel reflector pendant provides a more focused light source, perfect for lighting a fixed space. Within this context, the reflector is used to cast a pool of light over the coffee table and seating area creating a functional reading or working space. Project images courtesy of Nat Woods © laid_back_farmhouse

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