How To Choose A Light Bulb

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When Urban Cottage Industries established itself as a company, we stocked a single bulb type. Since then; tastes, trends and technologies have developed and so has our range. We now offer four main lamp types each with their own strengths and weaknesses. With these varied characteristics, we have all of your lighting needs covered.

Traditional filamentClassic Edison Traditional Filament

When we first burst onto the scene, we made a name for ourselves as one of the first companies in the UK to sell and distribute filament light bulbs. Our Swiss made filament lamps are still market leaders in terms of quality, reliability and life-span. Their combination of artistry and output is yet to be rivaled by modern equivalents meaning there is still a place for this option in lighting schemes. Their warmth and intricate design make filament lamps perfect for ambient lighting, helping to create a cozy space for relaxing.

LED-filamentLarge Globe LED-filament

Conceived as a response to the shortcomings of traditional tungsten alternatives, the LED-filament is a modern twist on a classic look. With a low output by design, these lamps offer a similar output and design to the traditional filaments in our range making them a great option for secondary or mood lighting. With a whopping 25,000 hour life expectancy and low running cost, they offer a great option with a lower impact on the environment and your pocket!

Eco-filamentPear Eco-Filament

Our Eco-filament lamps are a low energy compact fluorescent option which offers reliability and a more modern form. The CFL produces a cooler light than other options in our range which, coupled with it’s hard wearing functionality, makes it a perfect fit for a utility room or workspace. Couple with a skirted holder to obscure the ballast and create a seamless design.

Eco-LEDEco-LED Bulb

With its cutting edge and versatile tech, the Eco-LED has all bases covered. With two aesthetically identical options, the Eco-LED range provides dimming functionality catered to the consumer. The dimmable version can be used with a conventional dimmer module. If you don’t have a module in place, the double-click offers dimming straight from the light switch. With the highest lumen output of our range and an ultra wide beam angle, the Eco-LED is a great option for main lighting in any room. Or, couple with some large reflector shades to create factory task lighting great for the kitchen.
LED-Filament in Sconce The LED-filament makes a great, low-energy, option for ambient wall lighting. The short tube offers a low output and warm hue.
Scorsese with Pear Filament Traditional filaments work best as tertiary lighting in bedside lamps, decorative pendants or feature sconces.
Eco-LED Over Counter The high output of the Eco-LED makes it perfect for task lighting in the kitchen. Complete the look with an enamel reflector pendant.
Eco-Filaments with Skirted Holders The Eco-filament is best coupled with our E27 holders and accompanying skirts to create a seamless aesthetic.

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