How To Style Fabric Lighting Cable Part Three: The Figure of Eight

How To Style Fabric Lighting Cable Part Three: The Figure of Eight
With a wide range of woven fabric lighting cable, Urban Cottage Industries offer the opportunity to inject individuality and design flair into your lighting fixtures. Our styling fabric lighting cable series continues as we look at the deceptively complex figure of eight knot. As with the other knots in our series, the figure of eight is a great way to accentuate your fabric cable and create a feature of the functional.

How to Tie a Figure of Eight

Watch our video tutorial below, follow the hands and let them guide you. Let’s look at it one step at a time,
  1. Make a loop with a 'bight' (U-shape) of cable
  2. Cross the bight back under, then over the standing end
  3. Pass the bight through the loop
  4. Gently pull both ends of the cable
  5. Pop your light onto ceiling hook et voila!
The figure of eight creates a strong and versatile knot ideal for hanging your pendant. Couple with a ceiling hook to draw the eye and manoeuvre your pendant. Perfect for use where the ceiling rose is inconveniently located, this sort of setup can be a big time-saver. Instead of relocating the rose (filling the original recess, plastering, re-painting, hiring an electrician) simply run your cable from point to point and drop with a hook and figure of eight. Given the bight, the figure of eight is effective for drastically reducing the drop height of your pendant artfully enveloping excess lighting cable. Plus, with all this new knot lingo, you could consider taking a sabbatical aboard a seafaring vessel. Your new crew will no doubt appreciate your newfound skills as you while away the lonely evenings on choppy currents. Keep checking back with us for more knot know how and another styling instalment.

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