COVID-19: UPDATE 27th March

COVID-19: UPDATE 27th March


Update: 27th March

Our factory is open. Orders are being manufactured and shipped.

Our employees kids, affected by the school closures, made these rainbows.

We're an employee co-owned business. Doing the right thing is all we know. We're not open because we're greedy or uneducated, we're open because:

  • The stringent steps we've implemented are proven effective at reducing transmission
  • The situation could continue for months. People need jobs and the government needs tax receipts. Like never before.

There are many negatives to Coronavirus, but community spirit and the desire to do the right thing has never been stronger in our lifetimes. 🌈

We thank you for your ongoing support during this unbelievable time.
Get in touch if there is anything we can do to help you.

Empty office.
We began implementing changes ahead of government advice to do so. We were not slow to react because we strongly believed the need to slow transmission required meaningful change.


We want to be clear about what we're doing to ensure the virus is not spread as an unintentional consequence of our factory work.

  • All employees who can work from home are (±2/3rds of the workforce)
  • Our factory 100% closed to the public + all visitors
  • 7 remaining production employees with zero symptoms + zero exposure to anyone with symptoms or high risk groups are working rotating factory shifts
  • 2000mm+ social distancing
  • Comprehensive hand + hardware hygiene routines
  • Twice daily virus killing surface cleaning program
  • 2000mm+ social distanced collections + deliveries
  • Regular, comprehensive risk assessments

The situation is grave, the response is critical. We're working hard to develop a new kind of economic activity that works BUT also reflects the need to slow the virus and protect the NHS.

3000mm social distancing

Beyond the health and economic consequences, COVID-19 is creating a fog of isolation and fear. Communicating human face to human face is good for your mental health and wellbeing, even if you’d normally phone or email. We're relaxed souls and it just works.

Email hello@urbancottageindustries.com or call 0207 193 2119 and let us know:

  • Your mobile phone number
  • WhatsApp, Facetime or Whereby?
  • The nature of your enquiry

One of us will video call you right back.

Also... checking in with potentially vulnerable people in our wider community, beyond immediate friends + family, helps them and helps us to stay grounded and maintain perspective as the rapidly changing situation unfolds around us.

Stay strong!

Stanley Wilson, CEO Urban Cottage Industries

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