It’s an unbelievable, strange and worrying time.

Coronavirus represents an existential threat to our our species. Regardless of who you are, where you are, or the colour of your skin - you're affected by coronavirus.

We're mindful of NHS workers, freelancers, the poor and the otherwise vulnerable. We’re suffering, but we know that some people suffer more.


We're taking our responsibility to slow transmission of the virus seriously. The steps we've taken for our Yorkshire factory and employees are detailed below.


We're definitely still open for business. 👋

The situation is grave, the response is critical, but we also need to create a new kind of economic activity. Quickly. People need jobs and the government needs tax receipts. More than ever before. The situation could continue for months.

We have to find a way to function that does not compromise the fight against coronavirus.


  • WhatsApp video
  • Apple Facetime
  • Whereby

are working very well for us. We urge you to try them.

Beyond the health and economic consequences, COVID-19 is creating a fog of isolation and fear. Communicating human face to human face is good for your mental heath and wellbeing, even if you’d normally phone or email. We're relaxed souls and it just works.

Email hello@urbancottageindustries.com or call 0207 193 2119 and let us know:

  • Your mobile phone number
  • WhatsApp, Facetime or Whereby?
  • The nature of your enquiry

One of us will video call you right back.

Also... checking in with potentially vulnerable people in our wider community, beyond immediate friends + family, helps them and helps us to stay grounded and maintain perspective as the rapidly changing situation unfolds around us.

Stay strong!

Here are the steps we have taken to help slow transmission of the virus:

1 - Sales + customer support team

  • Working as normal
  • 100% from their own homes
  • 100% travel ban
  • Face to face meetings are off, but video calling is definitely on

2 - Production

  • Our production technicians cannot work from home
  • 100% social distancing (min 2000mm spaced apart) at the factory
  • 100% hygiene routines
  • No admission to any employee with symptoms or exposure to those outside factory with symptoms

3 - Finance

  • It’s a scary time
  • The market is full of uncertainty
  • We’re planning/adapting carefully
  • We’re encouraging you to help keep the wheels rolling

For any questions, queries or concerns please contact me on hello@urbancottageindustries.com or 0207 193 2119

Stanley Wilson, CEO Urban Cottage Industries

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