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Ceiling Lights for Kitchen - The Options Assessed

Ceiling Lights for Kitchen - The Options Assessed
Lighting can play an integral role in kitchen design. Including lighting early on in your planning gives you the best chance to maximise your space with an effective scheme. Nailing the ceiling lights for kitchen spaces can be a huge step towards lighting victory. With that in mind, let’s run through some of the options and weigh up the pros and cons.

El Classico – The Kitchen Pendant

ceiling lights for kitchen - Coolicon pendants When it comes to adding ceiling lighting to any room, chances are the first thought will be pendant. With good reason: pendants are one of the simplest ways to add effective ceiling light to a given space.
Major Pros – adaptable
A pendant can be all things to all people. You could go classic, you could go contemporary. Got a kitchen island? Employ pendants in series. The possibilities are nigh on endless.
Major Cons – headroom
One flaw in the pendant is the need to drop a significant distance from the mounting surface. If you have low ceilings (like me) this could be a problem. While there is always the option to have a teeny drop, this can dampen the impact considerably.

Old School Modern – Spotlights

Ceiling lights for kitchen - Maria Spotlights The spotlight has become a contemporary kitchen staple. Recessed spotlights are a great way to add maximum output with minimum impact. Or for a twist, add vintage styled spotlight fittings for greater visual impact.
Major Pros – Space
Spotlights, especially when recessed make for great space saving editions.
Major Cons – Eye-appeal
Overuse of recessed spotlights can lead to bright, but ultimately flat kitchen spaces. “Where’s the character?” Your guests will shriek, leading to uncomfortable dinner party scenes.

Industrial elegance - Cage pendants

ceiling lights for kitchen - Balloon cage pendants © deVol
We love cage pendants, we’ve written at length about them here. Suffice to say, they offer an intricately industrial twist to the standard pendant.
Major Pros – Design
Cage design is diverse and there is almost certainly a cage to suit your space. The shades are gently diffusing making them suitable for eye-level lighting above islands or tables.
Major Cons – Space
As with conventional pendants, cage pendants take up quite a bit of room both vertically and horizontally. Not great for low-ceilings or tight spaces.

OMG OTT – Chandelier

ceiling lights for kitchen - chandelier with eco-filament globes The chandelier is back in a big way. What’s more, they are diverse in design. You could go classic crystal or maybe contemporary industrial, the choice is yours.
Major Pros – Bold statement
A chandelier makes a big impression. Regardless of the size and scale a chandelier is one-part practical lighting, two-parts decorative powerhouse.
Major cons – Space
Yes, space again. A chandelier, whilst adaptable (reducing the number of drops/scale), needs a fair bit of room to make maximum impact. So there you have it, just a few ideas for ceiling lights for kitchen spaces and some insights to help you get planning.

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