Bedroom Ceiling Lights - Nailing the Dream Scheme

Bedroom Ceiling Lights - Nailing the Dream Scheme
As with most rooms, the bedroom ceiling lights are likely to be the main source, or 'big light’ if you will. Sometimes positioned centrally and almost always a focal point, ceiling lighting works to set the tone for a room’s scheme. So, nailing bedroom ceiling lights is a biggie. With that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the options and put the ceiling light conundrum to bed.


Bedroom ceiling lights The pendant is the classic option, the go-to guy. By virtue of its versatility, a pendant can be a great fit for most schemes.
  • Feature lighting – scale things up with a shade and create a focal point
  • Practical – use pendants in pairs for effective bedside lighting
  • Adaptable – style to suit your room. Stripped back, elaborately complex, or anywhere in between


Bedroom Ceiling lights Spotlights have moved from the more functional areas to almost every room in the home.
  • Simple - recessed spots offer minimal impact lighting
  • Flexible - surface mounted spotlights offer extra visual impact
  • Focused - you can direct light where required
  • Powerful - high output right where you need it

Ceiling light

Bedroom ceiling Lights A ceiling light for the ceiling, a bold concept I know…but bear with me. There are a number of fixtures of varying designs that could be just the ticket.
  • More general - less directed than spotlights, offer more general output
  • Low impact - great for low ceilings


Bedroom Ceiling Lights For a bit of visual flair, you can’t go wrong with a chandelier. If the bedroom is in need of a focal point or feature, a chandelier offers a bold statement as well as a functional source.
  • Big looks - full-on feature lighting
  • Versatile - scale up or down depending on the space
  • Fun(ctional) - offers general lighting over a wide area


Bedroom ceiling lights Don’t feel like you have to commit to just one option. Most bedrooms will probably benefit from a mixture of the above.
  • Looks and Lumens - high output (but rather dull to look at) spotlights can be off-set with a few well placed pendants
  • Statement and placement - a central chandelier for feature lighting and a pair of pendants for bedside lighting
  • Take control - separate control for your separate ceiling lights is a great idea and allows you to change the mood as and when
So, there you have it ceiling lighting licked

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