Squirrel Cage Bulbs | Factorylux for a New BrewDog Bar

The success of BrewDog is a heartening example of how a business run with passion can succeed. Starting out as a two man brewing operation in 2007, BrewDog is now internationally recognised for its craft beers. Factorylux supplies lighting – including the squirrel cage light bulbs – to many of the new BrewDog bars.

squirrel cage bulbs at BrewDog Nottingham

Having rapidly moved on from just brewing, BrewDog have opened a dozen or so bars both around the UK and abroad. The first international bars are in Stockholm, Sao Paulo and Tokyo. In keeping with their approach, the bars are temples to beer – craft ales are sourced from around the world and served by staff knowledgeable about the brews. The commitment to quality extends to the interior design of the bars. The venues have a sparse post-industrial feel with exposed brickwork, bare wood, iron and steel. Extensive use is made of reclaimed fittings and furnishings.

squirrel cage bulbs at Brewdog Nottingham

Factorylux lighting appears in many of the bars, but BrewDog Nottingham has really gone to town with the classic Factorylux pear shape squirrel cage bulbs. The Nottingham bar features a host of minimalist pendants – dark fabric cable and Bakelite lamp holders, all completed with the SWISS-made bulbs – watch how the squirrel cage filaments are threaded here. The colour temperature of the light emitted by the helical tungsten filaments is warmer than that emitted by most CFL and LED lights and is both warm and relaxing.

squirrel cage light bulbs at Brewdog Nottingham

Images courtesy of and copyright Andy Young.

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