Café & Bistro Lighting Trade Solutions

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Cafe Lighting

Cafés often encompass social hub, private retreat and fast-paced takeaway. Interior planning and décor allow businesses to cater to the demands of this varied market. Lighting is one facet of this and allows subtle zones to be formed. High-output accentuating light can be ideal across counter-tops, drawing the eye and engaging customers at point of sale. Or, for seating areas and nooks, decorative fixtures can be used to create a relaxed feel. Working with independents and nationwide brands alike, we’ve delivered lighting to meet the varied needs of clients.

Independent coffee kingpins Spicer & Cole essentially run the artisan café racket in Bristol. With three branches spread throughout the city, the company offers coffee, tea and food of the highest quality. The focus here is on experience. Each Spicer & Cole branch provides a light and relaxed space to savour the carefully curated menu. We worked closely with the client to provide laidback lighting that mirrored the general style and ethos of the company.

Sitting In the heart of Edinburgh’s historic old town, Brew Lab have taken coffee aficionado to the next level. Focusing on brewing with near molecular attention-to-detail, the cafe has established a reputation as experts of the perfect cuppa. Supplementing these expertise with a rustic lunch menu and evening drink selection, Brew Lab have become home-from-home for locals and visitors alike. We were able to provide eye-catching pendants for the cafes point of sale using solid copper pendants for an elegant industrial look.

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