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Filament Bulb Postcards | Writtle College + Prelogram

Filament Bulb Postcards  | Writtle College + Prelogram
Factorylux is supplying the lighting for Writtle College's entry for the Young Gardeners of the Year competition 2015. Students from six of the UK’s top horticultural colleges are building show gardens for the Ideal Home Show which is at London's Olympia from 20th March to 6th April 2015. The Prelogram craft print team have created promotional postcards featuring some of filament light bulbs provided to the Writtle College students for their garden. Here's an overview of the creation of 5,000 cards ready for the Ideal Home Show. Writtle College negative negative CMYK The studio team use a Cannon EOS 6D to take images and the initial post-production work - creating a grey-scale image and adding text and captions - is done using Photoshop. The hi-res images are printed as negatives on matt film using an Epson Stylus Pro 7890 Printer and plates created using a Dantex plate maker. The negative image from the printer is used to partially expose a polyester plate which has a light sensitive coating. The exposed plastic is removed using a brush process. When the plate is dried and cured it holds a negative image of final image to be put on press. Ink 34 Uncoated organic cotton paper Colours are specified and agreed using a Pantone sample book and VanSon rubber based inks mixed to the correct hues by hand. When the job is ready to go on press, a double sided adhesive backing is used to stick the plate on the very flat and very hard base. The base is locked in a chase which is then loaded into the press. stack platen press print The cards are printed on a Heidelberg cylinder press with multiple cards per sheet. The plate is inked by the rollers and the motion of the machine applies pressure, squeezing the paper between the cylinder and the plate which creates the printed image. Both the front green image and the rear 'postcard' elements are printed using the cylinder. press Post card Post card The final design element - the name of Writtle College and the Factorylux logo are applied in a final pass using a Heidelberg platen press. The cards take a couple of days to dry and then they're ready to ship to the Writtle College team ready for the Ideal Home show in a few weeks. Writtle College postcard The Prelogram studio and print team create traditional letterpress products unlike anything which can be created using litho or digital presses. Craft print business cards will be available from from April 2015.

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