Worn Lighting with Urban Cottage Industries

Worn Lighting with Urban Cottage Industries

Raising the bar on how we Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Repair.

We’ve always taken sustainability seriously. We’ve always taken action. The planet is not ours to destroy. So we protect it. 🌎

We’ve advocated plastic-free packaging for nearly fifteen years. To make it possible back then, we had to invent all kinds of workarounds and processes, a journey we shared by organising innovative recycling schemes in local schools.

In terms of manufacturing, Urban Cottage Industries has always been self-funded and with no external investors, we were able to reinvest everything into developing a new kind of factory, here in Yorkshire, that's all about sustainability.

Our factory is near Hebden Bridge, in the Yorkshire Pennine hills.

This new manufacturing space enabled us to develop a new kind of lighting product (see factorylux.com) which conforms to 'closed loop' Circular Economy principles, meaning any product we manufacture can, at end-of-life, be efficiently 'unmade' into component form and reprocessed into 'new' product within our own UK factory, with minimal pollution and waste. A long list of design and engineering innovations was required to make this 'closed loop' possible, one of these became our first published patent in 2022.

Our journey to this new level of Circular Economy was funded by making thousands of lights, which predate the ability to 'unmake' into 'new lighting' 😬, instead, by utilising premium materials (such as vitreous enamel) and timeless designs, they were built to last; the best possible outcome we could achieve at the time.

We know these products will exist for many years to come and we're fully committed to take responsibility for them. Inspired by PATAGONIA Worn Wear, Worn Lighting is a 'reuse' platform that makes it possible to extend the life of all the products we manufactured during this period.

All items are cleaned, re-tested and re-certified to BS EN 6059 (exactly the same standard as our regular products) and made available via our website. Ready to be loved all over again.

Why Buy Worn? 

Reused Urban Cottage Industries lighting is good for the environment and good for your bank balance. Buying 'used' means that one less new item had to be made. Reusing the planet’s resources. Not digging for more.

Where do Worn Lighting products come from?

Customer Buy Back

Most lighting that was originally purchased from us can be traded in. Get up to 30% of its original value (*excludes lightbulbs & components).

We accept most lighting that was originally manufactured by Urban Cottage Industries.

We don’t accept lightbulbs, lighting components or products manufactured by 3rd parties.

     Want to trade?

  • Email pics and a description of your light(s) to hello@urbancottageindustries.com with details of the original order (name, date, etc.) and/or batch code (four digit numerical code followed by a letter - i.e. 1234B).
  • We'll work out what we’re able to offer, normally up to a maximum of 30% of the original purchase price
  • If you decide to go ahead, we’ll send a RMA so that you can return goods to us. Once received and quality checked, we'll issue you a credit note to use against future purchases.

Our own Supply Chain

Some lights might be pre-loved and traded-in by customers. Others are from our own supply chain: prototypes, samples, manufacturing seconds. All are functionally perfect but always display cosmetic flaws, graded 'A', 'B' or 'C'. If you appreciate wear, inconsistencies, scars and a story to tell, maybe Worn Lighting is for you? 

Does Worn Lighting make a difference

Of course. Worn Lighting is not as sustainable as the 'closed loop' we have built today but it's an immeasurably better outcome than standard recycling or landfill and every Worn Lighting product is one less that has to me made from new. 

Worn Lighting is about behaving responsibly. We reserve the right to refuse Worn Lighting if the service is being used inappropriately.

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