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Getting it right - Wall lights for bedroom spaces

wall lights for bedroom
When you consider the bedroom really comes to the fore when the sun goes down, properly lighting the room becomes critical. Right up until bedtime, you’ll likely have some lights on. As with most rooms, this will be made up of some ceiling, wall and lamp fixtures. Here, we’ll be looking specifically at wall lights for bedroom spaces and checking out the options.

Large room, more light

wall lights for bedroom © Bert & May
If you're blessed with a spacious boudoir, you will probably need to supplement the main ceiling light with a selection of wall fixtures. Sconces or spotlights can be a great option, try to evenly distribute around the room. This works best with uniform rooms where symmetry is not only possible but preferable.

Small room, less light

wall lights for bedroom ©ArtistResidence
If (like me) you’ve got less bedroom to work with, lots of wall lighting will be a no go. Instead, focus on adding wall lighting to a single key area. In most bedrooms, this will be the area around the bed. If you have an angular room (me again) this will allow you to add some much-needed symmetry to an otherwise unruly space.

Which light where?

So, in the big bedroom scenario, opt to keep things uniform in each area. If you’re going for a set of wall lights around the perimeter, keep these of the same style. You can mix up the wall lights in different areas (around the bed for example), but try to keep them a similar finish. In the small bedroom, uniformity will be both easier and more crucial. With only a few wall fixtures, keeping them the same will ramp up the symmetry and create a consistent scheme.

But wait, isn't there another way?

wall lights for bedroom © Lulu & Nat

Where a traditional wall light is either not practical or not suitable, a plug-in simple light is a great alternative. This is especially pertinent if you’re renting and your land baron prohibits any major additions. Plug-ins are perfect for bedsides. Create his and hers for your respective sides or, create a matching set…the choice is yours. So, there we have it, some great advice on picking out wall lights for bedroom spaces.

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