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Vintage Light Bulbs | SWISS-made Since 1906

Vintage Light Bulbs | SWISS-made Since 1906
The Factorylux vintage light bulbs have been made in Switzerland since 1906. They are the most attractive and long-lasting filament bulbs available and the range of filament styles and glass shapes offers something for most styles of light fitting. The classic squirrel cage filament is available in both a pear-shaped and large globe light bulb. squirrel cage vintage light bulbs The long coil filament is available in both short tube and oval-shaped bulbs. The intricate filament styles means that many of the manufacturing processes cannot be automated and have to be carried out by hand. The support wires are inserted and shaped, and the tungsten filaments threaded by hand - watch how it's done in this video. long coil vintage light bulbs The vintage light bulbs are suitable for decorative use in a range of light fittings. The bulbs come in four cap fittings - standard screw (E27), standard bayonet (B22d), small screw (E14) and small bayonet (B15) - and a range of wattages. There are options compatible with all the Factorylux lamp holders and the range of wall and ceiling lights. All the filament bulbs have warm colour temperatures (2,700K) and the excellent colour performance one expects from incandescents. Dimming the bulbs greatly extends the already long life-span and creates the deep orange/yellow sunset light humans are programmed to find warm and relaxing. spiral filament vintage light bulb loop filament vintage light bulbs

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