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Round Lamp Shades | New Factorylux Disc Shades

Round Lamp Shades | New Factorylux Disc Shades
The Factorylux round lamp shades are now available in four finishes: galvanised, brass, bronze and silver nickel plate. The disc shades are made in the UK for exceptional fit and finish. The circular shades are compatible with the Factorylux standard screw lamp holders with cord grips (for hanging using the lighting cable), hooks (for hanging using lighting chain) and threaded nuts (for attaching to a conduit installation). All the lamp holders are available in four metallic finishes: brass, bronze, silver and gold. round lamp shades The lamp shades were created for the new Viacom/Channel 5 offices in Camden, north London. The galvanised versions are laser cut from a disc of 3mm steel before being centrifuge or hot-dip galvanised to give each shade a unique matt zinc patina. The brass, bronze and silver versions are precision machined from a sheet of brass which is given a dark aged finish or silver nickel plated. All the versions are made entirely in the UK.
disc shade makers house Galvanised Disc Lamp shades at Makers House for London Fashion Week 2016.
In addition to the Viacom/Channel Five project, the round lamp shades have been specified for other high profile projects. The shades were paired with brass E27 lamp holders and dark linen fabric cable for Makers House at London Fashion Week 2016. They have also been installed over the bar area at the Farmer, Butcher Chef Restaurant at Goodwood - interior styled by Cindy Leveson of Leveson Design. The shades are available 'shade-only' here. For fitting to existing pendant lights, the diameter of the central hole is 40mm in diameter. The discs can be fitted to Made For You simple pendant lights and simple plug-in lights which are configured with standard Edison screw (ES/E27) lamp holders in brass, bronze, silver and gold.
disc shades goodwood Round Lamp shades at the Farmer, Butcher, Chef Restaurant on the Goodwood Estate.
disc lamp shades

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