Musical Light Shades | Factorylux Christmas Carols

sonic shades
Earlier in the year Factorylux asked composer and musician Tom Parkinson to capture the sounds of Factorylux light shades. As well sampling the shades to compose two original pieces, Tom has used the samples to play Christmas carols. There are nine carols in the series and we are releasing them here in the run up to Christmas. Tom spent a day at the Old Trouser Factory in August capturing the sounds from 48 light shades in the Factorylux collection using a Balinese reyong mallet. Each shade has its own pitch and harmonic overtones. While Factorylux shades - whether enamelled, copper, silver or galvanised - are guaranteed to be authentic, beautiful & durable, they're not tuned to produce notes on the chromatic scale. There are more than a few off-key notes in the Christmas carols, but they're still immediately recognisable. Tom assigned each sound its own EXS24 sampler instrument and laid the samples out in ascending pitch order. Read the full story here. Download the full collection of audio samples here. The #SonicShades films and the downloadable .wav and .exs audio files are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. Creative Commons Licence

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