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Motor Sport Prints | Interview with Rallycross legend Will Gollop

Rally-cross driver
Since this journal post, we have stopped selling letterpress prints. We continue to print packaging for our range of lighting products using letterpress and personalise notebooks using mechanical typesetting and letterpress.
Original post: Will Gollop, the hugely successful and talented Rallycross driver, has selected five of his all-time great drivers for Prelogram's 'Motor Sport Greats'. The Prelogram motor sport prints collection features four F1 drivers - Senna, Lauda, Hunt & Mansell - and rally driver Colin McRae. The motor sport prints are available framed in a choice of three quality frames or unframed. Will won the European Rallycross Championship in 1992 and is best known for his epic rivalry with the Norwegian Martin Schanche, recently commemorated by Scalextric in its Classic Rallycross Champions Limited Edition. Will, we’re so pleased you agreed to curate the Prelogram 'Motor Sport Greats' and be interviewed for our blog.Motor Sport Greats You were a successful Rallycross driver for many years. What is rallycross? Rallycross is sprint style motor racing on closed, mixed surface racing circuits. Modified production cars of up to 600BHP are used to take part in short race with six cars at a time which hopefully ensures non-stop entertainment. How did you get into driving fast? When I was 17 year old apprentice mechanic a friend at work started competing in Rallycross events and and I got into from there What was your first car? A Mini 850cc in Autocross 1972 (which is similar to Rallycross but entirely on loose surface tracks). It was a good introduction to motor sport. You won many titles in your time in Rallycross - what was your proudest moment? Winning the FIA European Rallycross Championship in 1992 in the Metro 6R4 Bi Turbo. I was 42 years old and had been trying to win the title for 7 years. I narrowly lost out the year before to Martin Schanche. You drove many cars throughout your career - Minis, Saabs, MG Metros, Peugeots, Triumphs, Fords - what was the best car and why? The Metro 6R4 Bi Turbo. We modified it from naturally aspirated to turbo charged and it became an extremely reliable and competitive car. As well as racing the cars, you also engineered them yourself - how much work did you have to do on a car - bodywork and engine - to get it to rallycross standard? Starting with a bare body shell everything from roll cage fabrication, suspension design and manufacture, 4 wheel drive design to building the engines. There was not much left of the original production car by the time we had finished. Motor Sport Greats Motor Sport Greats Derek Tohill has put his name in the history books by becoming the first ever double European champion in the Touring Car category (2010 and 2013). What do you think his chances are of winning the World RX of Canada Grand Prix de Troid-rivieres this August? Derek is a fantastic driver and is now driving in the ultimate Supercar class so he has the potential to win in Canada but has some great competition from at least 15 other drivers. How did you choose your racing driver prints? Can you tell us a little about each of your choices? Ayrton Senna - is an iconic F1 driver with total commitment to winning. He is undoubtedly one of the greatest drivers in the history of motor sport. James Hunt - a one-off F1 driver with more natural driving ability than many other more successful drivers. Perhaps the only F1 driver who is as well known for his off track exploits as his driving. Nigel Mansell - the most successful British F1 driver. Mansell was a phenomenally hard-working driver and fought his way through the motor sport ranks. He was an aggressive and bold F1 driver who would overtake where others feared to go. Niki Lauda - to come back from an horrific accident - where he was seriously injured and burned - to challenge James Hunt for the Championship in the same year just showed what a competitor he was. He was a brilliant F1 driver with great skill. Colin McRae - the youngest ever winner of the World Rally Championship title. He was a totally committed Rally driver with great car control skills who passed away much too soon. Will, it's been a pleasure talking to you. Thank you for taking the time to tell us a little more about yourself, Rallycross and your motor sport legends. F1 motor sport prints. Niki Lauda F1 motor sport prints. Niki Lauda F1 motor sport prints. Niki Lauda F1 motor sport prints. Nigel Mansell F1 motor sport prints. Nigel MansellF1 motor sport prints. Nigel MansellMotor sport prints. Colin Mcrae Motor sport prints. Colin Mcrae Motor sport prints. Colin Mcrae F1 motor sport prints. James Hunt F1 motor sport prints. James Hunt F1 motor sport prints. Ayrton Senna F1 motor sport prints. Ayrton Senna F1 motor sport prints. Ayrton Senna F1 motor sport prints. Ayrton Senna

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