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Metal Conduit | Alternative Use #1 | Shelving Unit

Metal Conduit | Alternative Use #1 | Shelving Unit
The versatile range of Factorylux metal conduit products has been re-imagined by London product designer Alvin Jay Munzi to create a stylish shelving unit. The unit uses a range of components from the conduit collection. It is secured to the floor and wall using conduit dome covers. Conduit elbows and inspection Ts are used to support the shelves made from reclaimed scaffolding boards. galvanised conduit components The components are joined using galvanised conduit tube which is available in a range of pre-cut and threaded lengths. All the conduit is processed in the UK by Factorylux to ensure the lengths are precisely cut and the thread depth and pitch are accurate. metal conduit shelving unit The key advantage of choosing Factorylux conduit is the comprehensive range of components and the guarantee that they will all fit together as intended. For conduit installations which are intended to be decorative, there are also a range of conduit box cover plates available in six genuine vitreous enamel colours. metal conduit t junction Congratulations to Alvin on his design and engineering work. We've seen shelving units constructed from scaffolding components which have a similar aesthetic. But the diameter of the conduit tube and fittings mean the proportions are more elegant and the minimal use of components make the unit simple and uncontrived. part built metal conduit shelving In addition to being a product designer, Alvin did some of the modelling and engineering work for the Factorylux adjustable conduit joint and the new Factorylux Margo spotlight and 99 spotlight, both of which are powered by Xicato high performance LED modules. All images courtesy of and copyright Alvin Jay Munzi. Find Alvin on Twitter here. metal conduit tube lengths

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