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Wall lights being made

Factorylux wall lights are designed, made and tested in the UK. The four minute film shows the process from start to finish.

Each style or design of Factorylux wall light has been tested and certified to BS EN 60598 - the applicable standard for complete light fittings - by one of the UK's leading independent testing houses. BS EN 60598 runs to hundreds of pages and includes a huge number of requirements and tests on matters such as insulation, earthing, wiring, strain relief on cables, heat resistance, labelling etc. All the applicable tests must be passed before the wall lights go into production. The manufacturing process starts with components which are precision machined from solid brass. A range of techniques are used - tapping, turning, milling, drilling and reaming - to create the complex shapes required. After the components are machined, they are given a beautiful and durable finish - either vintage brass, antique bronze, retro silver or nine carat gold plate. All the brass components are both manufactured and finished in the UK to guarantee production quality. The components are skilfully assembled by hand by Factorylux technicians at our integrated production HQ in West Yorkshire. When assembly is complete, each wall light undergoes four tests - polarity, function, insulation and earth connectivity - to ensure safety and compliance with BS EN 60598. When tested and certified each wall light gets coded for traceability. The Factorylux vertically integrated approach to design, manufacture and distribution of lighting gives us the ability to offer bespoke pieces and customisation. Get in touch if you are looking for a particular adaptation of one of the existing wall lights. All the wall lights are available here and the ceiling light collection is here.

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