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Making A Personalised Notebook | Watch How It Happens

Making A Personalised Notebook | Watch How It Happens
When you order a personalised notebook from us, it's created using type which is set on one of the world's last operational hot metal mechanical typesetting machines. Here's the whole process in six Vine videos. Stage 1 - an Intertype mechanical typesetting machine is used to cast your words from molten metal. As the keys on the machine are pressed, brass matrices - each with a particular letter or character engraved on it - drop from the magazines. Each chute in the magazine holds matrices for particular letter or character. As the matrices are released, they line up in the assembler to form the complete row of letters or line of type needed for your personalised notebook.
Stage 2 - when the line of type is complete, the operator presses a handle and the line is sent to the casting section where molten type metal is forced against the matrices to produce a raised reverse image of the words for your personalised notebook. The type metal quickly solidifies and the line or 'slug' of type drops down into the galley tray.
Stage 3 - after the line is cast, the brass matrices are returned to the correct chutes in the magazine using an ingenious system of notches on the matrices.
Stage 4 - the line of type is fixed in a holder and loaded on a heated press. The cover of your notebook inserted into the press and the impression made. It's a skilled job getting the impression on the personalised notebook right - more text means more pressure is required to get the perfect depth of impression. Because the notebook is hot-debossed rather than printed or foiled, the impression does not flake or fade.
Stage 5 - the personalised notebook is wrapped in beautiful and durable brown kraft paper to protect it during shipping. All personalised notebook orders placed by 11am are dispatched for next day delivery in the UK. In addition to notebooks personalised with a line of text, we offer notebooks with logos, artwork or other branding debossed on the cover. The minimum order is 25 notebooks - single colour/style, or mixed colours/styles - and all but the largest order ship in five working days. Get in touch - - for more information.

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