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Living room lighting for low ceilings - 3 ideas you'll love

living room lighting for low ceilings
The low ceiling can be a curse. The high price you pay for all that lovely cottage character. As the entertaining space, the chill out zone and often the first room your guests see, the living room is a pretty big deal. But, how do you keep lighting impact high when ceiling space is so darn low? Well, we’ve got 3 ideas to achieve great living room lighting for low ceilings.

1, Don’t Fear the Pendant

So, I can see how you might think low ceiling automatically equals goodbye pendant light. After all, reduced headroom and great big pendant sounds like a recipe for a swift concussion. However, a pendant remains the easiest way to make a big visual impact with your ceiling lighting. living room lighting for low ceilings So, why not reduce the cable length? Provided there is still a reasonable amount of visible cable, enough to look pendant-like, you’ll still achieve the same impact. Otherwise, employ a ceiling hook. That way, you’re essentially doubling the visual impact of the pendant. You’ve got nice ceiling rose, extended piece of cable and then finally, a short drop from the hook. Perfect.

2, Switch-up the Spotlights

One pitfall people fall into when trying to sort living room lighting for low ceilings is overuse of recessed spotlights. With little to no projection, the recessed spotlight sounds like a low ceiling dream come true. living room lighting for low ceilings But, if you look a little deeper, the recessed spotlight is a little soulless. Overuse them, and you risk turning your characterful room into a bland bore. Try using a few ornate spots to mix things up. Got beams? Angle spotlights towards them to draw the eye and raise the roof (metaphorically).

3, Light in Layers

One way you’re guaranteed to make that low ceiling look miles high, light in layers. By utilizing varied lighting at floor, wall and ceiling levels, you make use of every inch. living room lighting for low ceilings By drawing the eye to all these different layers, you’re essentially tricking the eye and creating the illusion of space. Of course, all of the above have limits. We can’t promise you’re low cottage ceiling will suddenly feel lofty and intimidating. However, you can definitely change the feel of your space by employing these shrewd lighting decisions.

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