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Top 10 Lighting Designers on Twitter - Part 2 | Light Collective

Top 10 Lighting Designers on Twitter - Part 2 | Light Collective

Guest post by Light Collective's Martin Lupton. So, last week we published the first five of the Lighting Designer Twitter Top Ten (see them here). Before we get to the final five lucky members of Light Collective's Top Ten, a few words about what unites them. The ten are from different backgrounds, work in different ways and have different approaches to light. But what unites them is an unswerving evangelical belief that light - natural and artificial - can and should improve the quality of people's lives. Their mission - and we're with them - is to spread the word about light.


6. Kevan Shaw

@KevanShaw - you wait years for a good Scottish lighting designer tweeter and then two come along at once - who'd have guessed that would happen. Kevan's experience in the industry is massive and his technical knowledge is second to none. Kevan has worked in lighting for nearly 40 years and was awarded Lighting Designer of the Year at the LUX Awards 2013. If you follow Kevan, expect many insights, some great content and links.

7. James Poore

@JamesTPoore - Winchester based pyrotechnic and lighting designer combined. You could follow James for his unique content and insights and his ability to identify and re-tweet a stream of interesting and eye-catching stories on what's going on with lighting. But the real reason we follow James is not his Twitter feed but because he introduced us to the Espresso Martini and for that we are forever in his debt. Thank you James.

8. James Bedell

@Jamesbedell - every rule needs an exception to the rule and New York based lighting guy James is ours. He does talk about himself, or rather his blog - - but we'll allow that as it's pretty good! Follow James for insights and news about lighting projects and products in the US. There are many of the same trends and themes that we have here in Europe, but from a different angle.

9. Leni Schwendinger

@Leni_Light - no, we're not following the Lighting Energy Numerical Index but the insightful, hyperactive twitter account of New York based lighting designer, Leni Schwendinger. Perhaps Leni has the most impressive CV of the Top Ten: she's worked on a huge number of high profile and award winning lighting projects for public spaces around the world. Leni is now leading Arup's global urban lighting team. With a bio like that, how can you not follow her?

10. Thomas Schielke

@arcspaces - and to finish we head to Germany for another tweeter inspired by a fabulous blog ( Thomas Schielke has been writing his blog for many years and always manages to have some thought provoking and inspiring words to say about the world of light - both natural and electric. Far too clever for us really, we just hope we can drop something he's said into a conversation one day and sound really clever too...

If we do the same analysis for these guys as the first five using Followerwonk, this is what we get: Followerwonk lighting designers comparison It's clear to see that James Bedell is rocking the Social Authority with an impressive 5,240 followers and some serious tweet/re-tweet action. Followerwonk lighting designers comparison Twitter is a great method for the global lighting community to get news and ideas out there, but the word on the street is that it may be getting a bit crowded. It becomes like wallpaper as more promoted Tweets of little relevance appear at the top of feeds. With Tweeters like those in our Top Ten, we're still sticking with it for a while but also exploring continued use of FaceBook, blogs and maybe even some video under the guise of our new idea Rough Lux TV! What do you think? Tweet us @LightCollective


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