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New Letterpress Greetings Card | Polaroid by Rose Stallard

Letterpress greetings cards - Polaroid
Since this journal post, we have stopped selling personalised cards. We continue to print packaging for our range of industrial lighting products using letterpress and personalise Moleskine and Leuchtturm notebooks using mechanical typesetting and letterpress.
Original post: We’re pleased with the variety we have in our letterpress greetings cards now. Our cards illustrate not only the range of styles and techniques of the Print Club London artists, but also the versatility and ingenuity of our team of experienced printers. Using original Heidelberg platen machines to reproduce the designs is a painstaking though rewarding process, far removed from the hands-off reality of modern digital printing. Letterpress greetings cards - waiting for the blue inkLetterpress greetings cards - Smile 600Letterpress greetings cards - rear Our latest card features a vivid design typical of Rose Stallard’s freehand, lively drawing style. We took Rose’s original artwork and converted it into separate plates for each layer of colour needed, in this case three - black for the outlines, blue for the body of the camera, and yellow for the detailing. Rose specifies the Pantone reference colours we should use for her letterpress greetings cards, but with this card we had to think again about the shades to use. On the initial run of cards we found that the blue colour was too dark when printed and the breezy impact of the design was lost. With letterpress the ink coverage is a lot heavier than other techniques and, factoring in the porosity of the heavy card stock we use, the print team had to rethink. The solution was found by mixing an opaque white with the blue ink in a roughly 50% ratio, lightening the colour just enough to offset the depth of the printed tone. Letterpress greetings cards - ready for the black inkLetterpress greetings cards - barcodeLetterpress greetings cards - Polaroid The end results speak for themselves - we think the card looks lovely, illustrating the marriage of great design and technical skill to produce letterpress greetings cards of a tangibly high quality. The card is available to personalise and buy here. About the artist - Rose Stallard is an illustrator, and is co-founder and Creative Director of Print Club London. Her work mixes original drawing with found images, creating an appealing hand wrought ‘fanzine’ aesthetic. Letterpress greetings cards - frontLetterpress greetings cards - close upLetterpress greetings cards - on the Heidelberg pressLetterpress greetings cards - finished cardLetterpress greetings cards - blue detailLetterpress greetings cards - close up of flash

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