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Instructions printed on kraft paper
Strong and beautiful kraft paper is a staple of the Factorylux & Prelogram brands. There's information below on how and why we use brown paper for wrapping, packing and printing. By popular demand, high quality Prelogram kraft paper is now available to buy in three sheet and three pack sizes. A5, A4 & A3 and 240, 480 and 2,400 sheets.

Kraft paper for printing

Factorylux and Prelogram choose kraft for a range of print products. It's used to make the wraps for Prelogram Moleskine and Leuchtturm notebooks. The seasonally themed bands are printed or foiled using classic letterpress. Kraft is equally at home with modern print techniques - Factorylux user instructions are printed on kraft using a Lexmark high volume office laser printer. The paper available to buy is the same high quality kraft used by Factorylux and Prelogram for printing. It has the classic ribbed - light and dark banding - look and feel. It arrives in the print room in huge sheets which are expertly cut to size by the Prelogram team on an industrial guillotine. To achieve a perfect finish, every ream of paper is given a back edge trim - the final finished edge is cut using back of the guillotine blade. Prelogram kraft paper is popular with restaurants and bars because of the guaranteed quality, availability and delivery. The three sheet and three pack sizes cover most requirements, and everything in the range is available for free next day delivery throughout the UK. kraft paper menu from The Pound, Canterbury kraft paper menu from the Pound Canterbury kraft paper menu from Sandinista, Leeds

Kraft paper for wrapping

kraft paper and parcel tape for wrappingFactorylux wraps light fittings and fixtures in kraft because of its strength and versatility. The Modular collection includes many products in a multiplicity of shapes and sizes. It's impossible to have product-shaped cardboard or polystyrene packing for each item in the range. Bubble-wrap and other plastics are alternatives to kraft, but they're not as eco-friendly. The brown paper used for wrapping is made in the UK from 50% recycled material. Unlike most plastics, paper is compostable and kerbside collections of waste paper are now almost universal. 67% of the paper and cardboard used in the UK is recovered for recycling, a much higher figure than for plastics.

Kraft paper for packing

After being wrapped, Factorylux products are protected in boxes for delivery by kraft using a special fill system. A crumpling machine converts fanfold kraft paper into a high volume shape to cushion and protect products. The paper has a high recycled content and what is not recycled is mostly from sawmill waste. Unlike plastic air bags and cushions commonly used for void fill, kraft is climate neutral, 100% recyclable and renewable. It's also biodegradable so won't add to the plastic pollution which both blights the visual environment and adversely affects wildlife.

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