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Wall Lights for Bathroom Spaces - How to Get it Right

wall lights for bathroom
Wall lights for bathroom spaces can feel like a slippery subject. With zones and IP ratings, adding or updating fixtures can feel like a daunting prospect. Too scared to take the plunge, most of us end up settling for bland bathroom lighting. Well, don’t drop the soap and read our squeaky clean guide.

IP and Me

IP rating sounds like jargon, it’s off-putting. So, what does it mean?
  • stands for ingress protection
  • made up of two digits
  • first measures protection from solids (dirt, dust etc)
  • second measures protection from liquids
The common misconception is that all bathroom lighting needs to be IP rated. In fact, depending on where the light will be placed, you may not need an IP rating at all. This is a game changer when it comes to wall lights for bathroom spaces. Find Out More

Zone or no Zone

So, when can you get away with no IP rating? The below diagram shows you how the different areas of the bathroom are split.

The white areas indicate no IP rating is required. That’s a lot of space! This opens up a lot of options when it comes to finding wall lights for bathroom areas.

Which Wall Where

Either side of the bathroom mirror is by far the most popular spot for wall lighting, and with good reason. When you think about it, we use the bathroom mirror for a lot of tasks; sorting our hair, brushing our teeth and giving that pimple the elbow to name but a few.
wall lights for bathroom courtesy of @etonsofbath
Ideally, light in pairs either side of the mirror. This reduces shadows and distortions and gives a neat symmetry to the scheme.

Fixed or Directional?

This is mainly a matter of taste but also depends on the tasks you perform most often.
wall lights for bathroom Simplicity - Ceramic Industrial Wall Light
wall lights for bathroom Flexibility - Maria Scorsese

Something With More Clout

If you need something for the zoned areas, there are still some great options. Once you cut through the jargon, bathroom lighting feels a lot more approachable. The above are just a few of the options available. If you are ever in doubt, discuss the options with your electrician. 

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