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A big difference between buying lighting from urbancottageindustries.com and regular physical or online lighting stores is that we're a factory, in Hebden Bridge, Yorkshire, and all the lighting is made here by us.

You're welcome to book an appointment to visit if you'd like to understand more about where lighting comes from, who makes it, or just chat about the lighting that you need.

When you buy lighting for your home or business, you bring physical 'stuff' into your living or working space. Transparency and provenance (what stuff 'is', where it came from, who made it) are very important to us, if they're important to you, you'll like our factory.

Nearly all lighting in the UK is sold by retailers who you might be familiar with but actually made in far away places, from uncertain materials by unknown people. The audit trail (safety, ethical and sustainability) is almost always less than the retailer would have you believe. Supply chains are long and the motive to generate profit at every stage is strong.

Some of this lighting is incredibly cheap, but a surprising amount of it is not, the economics of it don't make any sense to us. In our own factory, when we receive your order, we convert various raw materials and components into the lighting and add a markup that covers the cost of the factory. Simple. When you receive your order, you'll decide for yourself on the meaning of 'value'. 

Four of the 'circular economy' processes we have developed are studied by academics, as a model for wider industry:
  • Make / Unmake
    • On-site product design and build for assembly/disassembly
  • Stone Rumbling
    • On-site zero-paint metal finish
  • Magic Paint
    • On-site zero VOC natural paint
  • Magic Packaging
    • On-site robotised 100% recycled / 100% recyclable packaging
If you're not interested in circular economy, there's plenty of other reasons to visit. We're easy to find by car or train (or canal boat!) and surrounded on every side by stunning Pennine scenery and hundreds of miles of footpaths.

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Sophie Gollop, Co-founder and Managing Director of  Urban Cottage Industries and FACTORYLUX. At work next to our production line

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