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Factorylux Edison Light Bulbs | SWISS-made since 1906

Factorylux Edison Light Bulbs | SWISS-made since 1906
Although the Factorylux filament bulbs are commonly called Edison light bulbs, it's doubtful that Thomas Edison should be credited with their invention. The two principal claimants for the invention of the filament light bulb are Joseph Swan in Newcastle-upon-Tyne and Thomas Edison in Menlo Park, New Jersey. So far as any one individual can be said to have 'invented' the filament bulb, as opposed to having 'developed' what had come before, we favour Swan on the basis that his carbon filament bulb was demonstrated in public in late 1878 and Edison's first successful test was in late 1879. And Edison chose to go into partnership with Swan as 'Ediswan' rather than seek to enforce his patent. squirrel cage Edison light bulbs A further twist to the 'Edison light bulb' description is that both Swan and Edison used naturally derived carbon filaments (cotton and bamboo respectively) rather than the tungsten which has been almost universally used for filaments since its efficiency and durability was discovered by Franjo Hanaman and Alexander Just in Hungary in 1904. Both the squirrel cage and long coil filament styles are commonly described as Edison light bulbs, though of course both styles were only possible with the development of tungsten filaments. coil filament Edison light bulbs The Factorylux Edison light bulbs have been SWISS-made since 1906 - only two years after tungsten first started to be used for filaments. Manufacturing the bulbs in Switzerland guarantees quality and durability and Factorylux filament bulbs are now the only filament light bulbs still made in Europe. All the other European light bulb manufacturers have shifted production to the far-east over the last 20 years. Watch the film of the light bulbs being made here. squirrel cage filament bulbs The Factorylux bulbs come in a range of glass shapes and filament styles. Squirrel cage filaments are available in two different glass shapes - large globe bulb and the pear shape bulb. And the long coil filaments are available in a short tube bulbs and oval shaped bulbs. oval light bulbs with Edison filaments The intricate filament designs of the Factorylux Edison light bulbs mean the filaments still have to be threaded by hand - it's not possible to mechanise the delicate process. Every bulb is individually tested before leaving the factory. Dimming the bulbs greatly extends the life of the bulbs and produces the beautiful and relaxing the deep yellow 'sunset' light.

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