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UPDATE: Our eBay outlet has now closed. ---------------- The combination of vertically integrated manufacturing, continuous product development and generous customer returns provide a steady stream of products which can't be sold at full price. There are also the products loaned to worthy but precariously funded projects in film, theatre, the arts and education. We recently built £7k worth of lighting for Alleycats - a film about illegal bike racing in London due for release in 2016 - which came back to the Old Trouser Factory when principal photography was finished. eBay outlet It's a waste to scrap the Modular lighting products and uneconomic to break-down and put the Made For You lighting back into stock. So it's all going on sale in the new eBay lighting outlet. We're making things simple with three product grades:
  • Grade A - 30% off the RRP - items with no significant cosmetic defects. Mostly customer returns or surplus stock. All grade A items are currently available online at the full price.
  • Grade B - 60% off RRP - items with cosmetic defects or withdrawn product lines. Grade B items are currently available online or were available online in the last six months at the full price.
  • Grade C - auctions starting at 1p - ‘junk’ grade items. Written-off stock or returns, failed prototypes, withdrawn IT equipment, surplus tooling and equipment etc.
There's free delivery on Grade A and Grade B items and the same level of customer support as for products bought at full price. All the Made For You products (pendant lights, simple lights and extension leads) are re-tested and re-certified to BS EN 60598 or the applicable standard before they are listed on eBay. The withdrawn or cosmetically defective Modular products are new and serviceable, just not as beautiful or practical as the ones which are available at full price. Shop the eBay lighting outlet now and follow us to hear about new listings.

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