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eBay junk shop
The Urban Cottage Industries eBay Junk Shop is officially open.

UPDATE: The Urban Cottage Industries eBay junk shop became the Factorylux eBay outlet in July 2015. The Factorylux eBay store provides a wider range of products, improved functionality and better customer support.


The team behind the Factorylux lighting and Prelogram craft print brands have a painstaking approach to production and printing. No product is dispatched from the Old Trouser Factory near Hebden Bridge unless it's perfect. Because only flawless products are shipped, there's inevitably some stuff left which is not perfect: manufacturing seconds, customer returns, damaged items. It's stuff too good to be melted down or recycled, but not good enough fetch full price. And when it comes to craft print and vintage lighting, the odd imperfection might be considered charming and lend some extra authenticity. So here’s where the eBay Junk Shop comes in. Regular auctions, all starting at a penny, usually for 10 days. Think of it as online equivalent of rummaging in a skip outside our factory. You'll find gems, curios and clunkers. You'll definitely have fun. Have a punt by bidding a few pence or maybe a few pounds. Expect little and you may be pleasantly surprised. Lots of people are - here's the eBay feedback. And there's more information below about what you can expect of the various listings/product types.

Moleskine notebooks & diaries

Sometimes - shhhhh - there are manufacturing faults with Moleskines. Occasionally, the impression of a logo or words on a Prelogram Moleskine is imperfect. And sometimes they get damaged in shipping and are returned to us. All these things mean they get listed on eBay. They're all still genuine Moleskines, but they are likely to have a logo or someone else's name on them and might be marked or scuffed. The eBay listings are a lucky dip: five Moleskines chosen at random from the spoils pile. Still genuine Moleskines, but highly likely to be a mix of colours, styles, & sizes. Moleskine notebook - eBay second Moleskine imperfect - eBay second Moleskine misprint - eBay second

Light shades and cages

See the video showing how Factorylux light shades are made here. The people who spin & enamel the shades and weld the cages are highly skilled, but it's a creative rather than automated process. Some of the shades are not perfectly proportioned or might have dents. The welding might be slightly erratic. Colour and finish might not be completely consistent. Enamel or powder colours may have mixed, run or dripped. There might be a dent or chip. All the Factorylux shades and cages are made entirely in the UK, but the ones on eBay won't be perfect or unblemished. Enamel shade chipped - eBay second Enamel shade worn enamel - eBay second Enamel shade damaged - eBay second

Lighting and power cable

Watch the video showing how Factorylux fabric cable is made here. Sometimes the colour or mix of colours is not perfect. The weave can be too loose or too tight. The cable might not be perfectly twisted. And the slightest scuff or dirty mark means it's listed as an eBay second. It's all made in Milan, the Italian fashion capital, but it's not good enough for the catwalk. Grubby silver cable Soiled cable Lighting cable seconds

Fixtures & fittings

Ceiling roses, pattresses, lamp holders etc. Maybe the holes of the multi-outlets are in the wrong place or the finish is not perfect. Dents and dings in the steel. Perhaps items we've used for events and exhibitions. All stuff which can be re-used and installed by a competent person. Light fitting secondBulb holder secondsBulb holder seconds

Other stuff...

And then there's the other bits and pieces: manufacturing equipment surplus to requirement, retired IT equipment, product prototypes not good enough to go into full production, one-off bespoke pieces which didn't turn out right. See the individual listing and ask us a question if you're not sure. The auctions have started... Happy bidding!

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