How to Choose Ceiling Roses for Pendant Lights

Ceiling roses for pendant lights
The pendant light is a universal mainstay. We’re all familiar with the design, the concept and the function. But, how well do we know the components that make up our pendant lights? If my experience is anything to go by, the answer is not very well. In particular, ceiling roses for pendant lights seems to be something of a stumbling block. Over the years, I’ve had many a person ask, "What is a rose and which one do I need?” Well, the answer is much simpler than it seems. So, lets cut through the jargon and work out how to choose ceiling roses for pendant lights. Pendant in full length

So, what is a ceiling rose?

The ceiling rose is simply the part of the pendant that attaches to the mounting surface. The rose performs two key functions. Firstly, it conceals the electrical connection and unsightly hole in your ceiling. Secondly, it allows the lighting flex to pass through and be held in place.

How do I choose?

Though ceiling rose designs can vary a lot, the main difference to look out for is the type of outlet they use. The style of pendant you have will affect which type of outlet you need. In some cases, it is just a matter of taste.

What type of outlets are there?

There are four main outlet variations.

Cord Grip

Ceiling roses for pendant lights - cord grip outlet The go to guy, a cord grip outlet does exactly what it says on the tin. Typically black, the cord grip (black plastic section) allows the lighting cable to pass through and has a grub screw to then secure the cable in a given position.

Hook Outlet

Ceiling roses for pendant lights - hook outlet A hook outlet will be a must if you’ve decided to add chain to your pendant. The hook outlet still allows cable to pass through and come equipped with a grub screw to secure it in place.

Wire Clamp

ceiling roses for pendant lights - wire clamps outlet The cable clamp is a more industrial alternative to a cord grip. Instead of a grub screw, the clamp secures cable in place between two metal plates.


Ceiling roses for pendant lights - multiple outlet rose If you’re looking to have more than one drop, you’re going to want a multiple outlet rose. Typically, these will come equipped with the same black cord grips seen above. However, these plates contain multiples to allow for several cable to be hung. So, that’s that. Ceiling roses sussed.

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