Prelogram craft print

Breaking Bad | Cooking up the Heisenberg Christmas card

Breaking Bad | Cooking up the Heisenberg Christmas card
Since this journal post, we have discontinued Prelogram cards and notebooks. Read more here
Original post: In honour of one of the most acclaimed TV shows of recent times, we present our Heisenberg Christmas card. The image features Breaking Bad's Walter White in full Heisenberg mode. The artwork first appeared on Print Club London Screen print by Ben Rider. Ben has given Walt a seasonal makeover with a Santa hat especially for our card. The card is cooked up on our Heidelberg presses. It's a single colour print on thick card. We then personalise the card using type produced on our Linotype machines. More information about our Print Club London Christmas cards is in a separate post. Methy Christmas everybody! Walt: Castor beans. Jesse: So, what are we going to do with them? Are we just gonna grow a magic beanstalk? Huh? Climb it and escape? Walt: We are going to process them into ricin. Jesse: Rice ’n Beans? Walt: Ricin. It’s an extremely effective poison. Breaking Bad urban-cottage-industries-heisenburg-y urban-cottage-industries-heisenburg-x urban-cottage-industries-heisenburg-w urban-cottage-industries-heisenburg-t urban-cottage-industries-heisenburg-u urban-cottage-industries-heisenburg-v Breaking Bad's Walter White urban-cottage-industries-heisenburg-r urban-cottage-industries-heisenburg-o urban-cottage-industries-heisenburg-l urban-cottage-industries-heisenburg-m urban-cottage-industries-heisenburg-n urban-cottage-industries-heisenburg-f urban-cottage-industries-heisenburg-q urban-cottage-industries-heisenburg-p urban-cottage-industries-heisenburg-j Breaking Bad's Heisenberg urban-cottage-industries-heisenburg-k urban-cottage-industries-heisenburg-i urban-cottage-industries-heisenburg-h urban-cottage-industries-heisenburg-g urban-cottage-industries-heisenburg-b Heisenberg printed by Heidelberg urban-cottage-industries-heisenburg-d urban-cottage-industries-heisenburg-a urban-cottage-industries-heisenburg-y urban-cottage-industries-heisenburg-o urban-cottage-industries-heisenburg-e urban-cottage-industries-heisenburg-j urban-cottage-industries-heisenburg-t urban-cottage-industries-heisenburg-x urban-cottage-industries-heisenburg-n urban-cottage-industries-heisenburg-i urban-cottage-industries-heisenburg-w urban-cottage-industries-heisenburg-d urban-cottage-industries-heisenburg-s urban-cottage-industries-heisenburg-v urban-cottage-industries-heisenburg-u urban-cottage-industries-heisenburg-r urban-cottage-industries-heisenburg-c urban-cottage-industries-heisenburg-h urban-cottage-industries-heisenburg-m urban-cottage-industries-heisenburg-q urban-cottage-industries-heisenburg-l urban-cottage-industries-heisenburg-g


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