Study Lighting Revamp – Make The Office Work For You

All too often, the office space can become neglected. Your desk can become a dumping ground for letters, bills and the general litter of everyday. With spring on the horizon, what better time to clear away the cobwebs and recapture that home office ‘dream big’ vibe?

Whether you work from home, run your own business or just need a space to focus, the study can be a great place to get things done. Here, we will look at several ways to improve your space and introduce some fresh and functional study lighting.

Organise Your Thoughts

Conduit pipe is a versatile product which you can bend (not literally, steel) to your will. Why not introduce a sturdy steel noticeboard to help organise your thoughts? Arrange documents, hang your motivational mantras and keep important info on display.

For our pipeboard (or noticepipe if you will) we used,

Installation couldn’t be simpler. We used an existing shelf as a mounting surface, and joined all the pieces together a la Meccano
Study lighting revamp - Conduit hanging bar assembly

Desk Lamp Evolved

However you’ll use your office space, lighting is bound to play a key role. Now I know what you’re thinking, desk lamp right? Wrong. There’s now a more flexible solution for task lighting.

With your handy new noticepipe installed, you’ve created the perfect bracket for a manoeuvrable task light.
Study Lighting - Inspection Lamp

The Inspection Lamp, with its trusty in-built hook, provides the perfect blend of visual flair and functionality. Sleek, easy to position and fitted with an inline switch, the Inspection is desk lamp 2.0. Choose from several colour options to brighten your space.

Or, for a stripped back approach, the simple plug-in light is a great alternative. Build your simple light from the ground up, choosing each component, and create a truly bespoke study lighting showstopper.
Studt Lighting - Simple Plug-in Light
If a conduit pipe noticeboard isn’t suitable for your space, there are other ways to keep your new found task lighting in place. You can use cable management to run cable neatly and efficiently from A to B. Use our ceramic or reclaimed oak holders to position your light and create an artful installation.
Study Lighting - Cable Management Options

Get the Right Hardware

The quintessential blank canvas: a new notebook offers a world of possibilities. Keep track of your projects, catalogue your ideas and bullet your inspiration.

Study Lighting - Prelogram Personalised Notebooks

Why not get personal?

Our in-house print team offers artisan personalisation using hot metal typography. Choose a name, phrase or witticism and we’ll create an impression guaranteed to last the life of the book.

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