How To Find An Electrical Contractor | Factorylux

Factorylux is committed to making the installation of its lighting as easy as possible: all the wall and ceiling lights and lamp holders are provided with wiring instructions and all the necessary fixtures and fittings for safe and simple installation.

While we do our best to make things simple, you should only undertake electrical work if you are competent to do so. Simple tasks such as wiring a plug are within the grasp of many people but more complex tasks, such as installing a new wall or ceiling light may not be.

Factorylux recommends you use a registered electrical contractor. There are several ‘schemes’ by which electrical contractors can be approved. The two recommended by Factorylux are:

The Registered Competent Person Scheme and NICEIC

Registered Competent Person NICEIC


Both schemes have a ‘search by postcode’ feature so you can identify approved electrical contractors close to where you live.

Using a registered electrician means the work should be completed to the British Standard for electrical safety (BS 7671) and that potential problems with your wiring are picked up and rectified.

They will give you a certificate to confirm that the work has been designed, inspected and tested to BS 7671. And, if the work is notifiable under under Building Regulations, they will also arrange a Building Regulations Certificate to confirm compliance and avoid you having to liaise with the local council directly to get work signed off.

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