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In February 2016 our website was updated to use swatches rather than separate listings for the many colours of fabric lighting cable. The change improved the user experience for most people, but some customers wanted to be able to continue to see the individual product listings.

All the individual products still exist, they are just not visible from the category pages. For those people who preferred things how they used to be, here are all different twisted cable colours with links – click on the image or the text – to the product page. The same page is available for round fabric lighting cable here. Or for people who like to use swatches, all the cable is on the swatch page here.

Antique White 3 Core Twist Lighting Cableantique white braided lighting cable Bright Blue 3 Core Twist Lighting Cablebright blue braided lighting cable
Bright Orange 3 Core Twist Lighting Cablebright orange braided lighting cable Bright Red 3 Core Twist Lighting Cablebright red braided lighting cable
Burgundy 3 Core Twist Lighting Cableburgundy braided lighting cable Copper 3 Core Twist Lighting Cablecopper braided lighting cable
Cream 3 Core Twist Lighting Cablecream braided lighting cable Dark Brown 3 Core Twist Lighting Cabledark brown braided lighting cable
Elephant Grey 3 Core Twist Lighting Cableelephant grey braided lighting cable Fuchsia Pink 3 Core Twist Lighting Cablefuchsia pink braided lighting cable
Gold 3 Core Twist Lighting Cablegold braided lighting cable Grey Marl 3 Core Twist Lighting Cablegrey-marl-braided-cable
Jet Black 3 Core Twist Lighting Cablejet black braided cable Navy Blue 3 Core Twist Lighting Cablenavy blue braided lighting cable
Neon Green 3 Core Twist Lighting Cableneon green braided lighting cable Neon Yellow 3 Core Twist Lighting Cableneon yellow braided lighting cable
Olive Brown 3 Core Twist Lighting Cableolive brown braided lighting cable Pea Green 3 Core Twist Lighting Cablepea green braided lighting cable
Purple 3 Core Twist Lighting Cablepurple braided cable Racing Green 3 Core Twist Lighting Cableracing green braided lighting cable
Sage Green 3 Core Twist Lighting Cablesage green braided lighting cable Silver 3 Core Twist Lighting Cablesilver braided lighting cable
Teal 3 Core Twist Lighting Cableteal braided lighting cable Yellow 3 Core Twist Lighting Cableyellow braided lighting cable

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