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Superdry is the brand which blends Japanese design influences with vintage Americana to create instantly recognisable urban clothing. Superdry chose Factorylux decorative light bulbs and fittings for its new Trafford Centre store in Manchester.

Superdry pendant

Superdry now has 80 UK stores in addition to the familiar concessions in many department stores. For the main area of the new Trafford Centre store, a cluster of Factorylux decorative light bulbs are hung as pendants using jet black braided cable. The design team chose pear shape squirrel cage filament bulbs for this installation, but the Factorylux collection includes a range of decorative filament styles including coils, spirals and zigzags.

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The line of pendants which light the tills in Superdry also feature the pear shape squirrel cage bulbs, this time in clear glass tulip lampshades. All the Factorylux decorative filament light bulbs are SWISS-made for exceptional looks and lifespan. The quality of the light from the bulbs is ideal for lighting Superdry’s clothing: the colour temperature is warm white and a colour render or CRI figure of 100 ensures colours are true.

All the Factorylux decorative light bulbs are available individually or fitted to complete pendant lights or simple lights designed by you using the Made For You configurators. Use the configurators to choose from hundreds of light fixtures and fittings. When you’re happy with the design, the light is hand built within 24 hours at our Yorkshire production HQ and ships for free next working day delivery.

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